Shenmue Begging for Money

E3 2015: Why the Shenmue Kickstarter is a SHAMmue

Unless you are living under a rock, Sony dropped a few megaton bombs at their E3 Conference.  The announcements that the Last Guardian is not going to be vaporware and the release of a remastered Final Fantasy 7, got gamers near a boiling point. Then


I think I’m Falling for Fallout

I have a problem. I’m afraid of RPGs. The time commitment, the grinding, the micromanaging, the extensive lore. It all scares me.
Will Fallout 4 cure my RPG phobia?


E3 2015: The Expo of Lies

E3 2015 is less than a weeks away and all of us gamers are counting down the days, scouring the Internet and gaming sites for the latest news, leaks and information on what’s coming. It’s a great time for anyone who loves gaming. There’s one