Mass Effect 3 Tip: How to Beat Kai Leng

Good news, I am almost finished Mass Effect 3…finally.  As I am near the end,  here’s another tip on how to beat Kai Leng (one of the cooler bad guys in Mass Effect 3) in the boss battle at the Cerberus Headquarters. Note that it’s just on Normal difficulty.  Please feel free to put more tips and tricks you’ve used in the comment section below.

I am Infiltrator class and am using the Vindicator assault rifle fully upgraded with stability and damage upgrades.

The keys to success I found are:

  • Utilize biotic powers like Overlord to knock down his shields more effectively as well as shield weakening ammo like Disruptor Ammo
  • Take cover as much as possible, especially when your shield is depleted to allow time to regenerate
  • Keep moving as there’s grenades and enemies who charge you frequently from all directions.
  • When Kai Leng goes into the “regeneration” mode, don’t bother shooting at him as he’s more or less invincible for that short time period. Just focus on all the reinforcements and troops that appear
  • Don’t ignore the troops or reinforcements as they can overwhelm you quickly if you spend all your time focusing on Kai Leng

The video shows you how to beat the Kai Leng at the Cerberus Headquarters.

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