Hockey Glory’s Fitness Week 8

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Fitness Challenge Starting Post

Fitness Challenge Weekly Log

Welcome to my week 8 results!

Well, I didn’t make any progress.  I’m still the same 210 lbs for the third week in a row.  My fault though.  I pigged out.  I was panicking though, since on Friday I was 214-215 lbs!  I didn’t eat much on Saturday.  Some apples, soup, juice and a Nature Valley granola bar.

Weight & Body

The same 210 lbs like last week.  Crap, I have to lose another 10 lbs in 7 weeks to reach my goal!


The week started horribly.  I do these fitness updates typically Sunday morning.  So last Sunday, I had to go to work in the afternoon and do some office work for a few hours.  Some detailed, monotonous, but important stuff.  Whatever analysis I do will basically be used by my bosses to carve out deals with a retailer.  Millions of dollars at stake.

On my way home I was starving.  I always pass by this strip mall to and from work and sometimes stop off at the grocery store.  But this time, not only did I grab a few things at the store, I also couldn’t help but get pulled in by the Little Caesars $5.55 Medium Pepperoni Pizza!  I haven’t had Little Caesars in probably 10 years.  I knew the pizza would be trash, but I was going for volume, not quality.  How good could it be?  Most frozen pizzas at the store cost more!

Not surprisingly, it was shit.  Bland pizza, but it was still piping hot when I got home (10 minute drive).  So at least the cardboard box didn’t lie.  I ate the whole thing in 20 minutes flat.  I’m a pig!  LOL

A mishmash of other stuff I ate.  An Indian buffet with coworkers, a sushi dinner and some snacks from a vending machine.

Workout 1 (weights)

Did some dumbbell sessions, but increased the arms to 25 lbs per hand.  This is the highest weights I have on me.

Workout 2 (weights & Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012)

I started off doing 25 lb sets, then hopped on Fitness Evolved 2012 and did a bunch of Wall Breaker sessions and a 5 minute run.  I’m going to do 25 lb lifts per arm going forward.