The Witcher 2: How to Defeat the Kayran

Here’s another Witcher 2 tip on beating one of the earlier bosses you face in the game, the Kayran monster in its lair. It’s a bit challenging and can get frustrating but once you get the timing down it’s not too bad. I also recommend that before you face off against the Kayran, you first complete the side quest to gather the necessary materials (finding the ostmurk) and craft the Mongoose potion. The Mongoose potion is the antidote to the Kayran’s poison.

Before you reach the lair, set a save game point just in case. Don’t forget to Meditate and take all necessary potions (Mongoose, any vitality improvements, etc) in preparation for the fight against the Kayran. You can also prearm the Yrden Sign as it’s the key to beating the Kayran.

  • Notice the tentacles with red glowing sections. These are your targets (see screen shot below)

Witcher 2 Kayran Weak Spot (click to enlarge)

  • Use Yrden Sign, and stand by it until you see Kayran lift it’s glowing red tentacle to slam down
  • Roll away once it’s lifted so the tentacle hits the Yrden Sign location
  • Once you trap one tentacle, rush the glowing part and attack it until you cut it in half
  • Retreat ASAP to avoid the rage attack sequence
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • Once you manage to cut 3 of the tentacles and it will go into an animation where you climb on one of the swinging tentacles. To do this, you must time your button presses in sequence.
  • Sequence is X, A (button mash), B
  • Once you are back on the ground, run up the slope that is created from the debris to the top of the Kayran and you will then plant a bomb in it’s head for the win!

Watch the video below to learn how to beat the Kayran monster: