Black Ops 2 Best Camp Spots

I’ll post my best campy Black Ops 2 videos.  I’ll try to do all maps.  For my camp guide:  Black Ops 2 Camp Guide!  Don’t forget to try our exclusive Create a Class Tool.

Each map has a video and an overhead image showing where to plant your lard ass…. I mean claymore or bouncing betty!  Have fun pinging off mindless run and gunners!  And enjoy your increasing k/d ratio!

To give you an idea what I’ll write in the coming weeks, check out last year’s Modern Warfare 3 Camp Spots.










Nuketown 2025








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  • Mike

    Firstly I want to say thank you for doing all this. It has been of great help to me. I have to be honest and say I’m a bit of a reluctant camper/controller of an area because I am not good when it comes to running around the map. I’m trying to use your strategy but control an area more than just stay put. Your strategy works for tdm and kill confirm but how do you play the other game types? Do you have any tips on how I can build on your strategy and use it beyond tdm? My problem is I seem to always be surprised or walk into trouble when I run around. My map knowledge could be much better too.

    • Hockey Glory

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks! I love camping and always will be a lower paced gamer in shooters. But sorry, I basically only play TDM, so I never really have to run around to get objectives.

      For map knowledge, play offline. Play a session by yourself without enemies. Set the timer to zero (infinite) and just walk around the map to get to know it. That’s how I found so many campy places. At the same time, offline mode lets you create classes with whatever weapons, gear or perks too. So test out what ever class set up you want.

      As for objectives, all I can suggest with my limited playtime is to stick to a campy style, but for objectives when being an aggressor, stick with teammates, use flak jacket and smoke bombs. Equip Engineer perk too. Flak jacket and engineer are important as many defenders will plant claymores, betties or shock charges to kill the aggressors.

      Since you play campy, you probably will play more defensive, so defend those hot spots with claymores and betties. Use suppressor on your guns no matter what game mode you play as it keeps you off the map when firing.

      You may want to try out tac mask too as people may be lobbing shock charges or stun grenades. Flak jacket to protect against betties, claymores and other explosives.

      I do well in all CoD games, but I prefer to stick with low level scorestreaks. Try out UAV + Hellstorm + Lightning Strike.

      Good luck Mike!

      • Mike

        I am approaching my first prestige and as the camping king I figured you would have some advice on what to spend the unlock token on? I was thinking either, awareness (I have headphones), bouncing bettie, ghost or a gun? What do you think?

        • Hockey Glory


          I never prestige in CoD games. Why lose all your stuff? I’m not even sure how Black Ops 2 works but it is different as you can keep some stuff. If you are going to prestige and keep something, I say keep your main gun or bouncing betties/claymores. Betties and claymores don’t unlock till much later, whereas you can probably use any starting gun and live with it. I used the starting MTAR gun until M27./FAL unlock and didn’t mind MTAR at all.

          With all the campiness you are doing, I hope your k/d and wins are increasing!

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  • Mike

    Following the couple of patches that have apparently affected the FAL have your views on this weapon changed?

  • Mike

    Thanks for this! it’s great stuff! Any chance of getting the dlc maps?

    • Hockey Glory

      Thanks man. Sorry, but I’m basically done playing BO2 so I won’t be doing camp posts for extra maps.

      • Mike

        DONE??? How can one EVER be “done”??? Only kidding, but thanks again for these. I printed them out to have as reference until I memorized them and passed them on when finished. I used to run and gun so to speak and would have horrible K/D and needed to learn patience. So, thank you for helping me with this! I love getting personal msgs from people asking me if I have any smores left from all my camping! lol

        But a little bit of added info for those reading: Another GREAT place to camp on Cargo is at the spawn near the van and car. Stand at the van and look towards the corner, the car will be on the left. Go to behind the diagonal post and lay down facing the center “circle” of the map. You can see to the center and the people passing by to go up on to the blue crates. If you place your lethals in the right place, you can easily rack up the score streaks!

        • Hockey Glory

          No probs! As usual, I’ll have another campy set of posts when the new CoD comes out. And like always some people will like them (you) and some will hate me for making them (many others). Hahaha!

  • Billy

    How about some new maps? Like Hydro, Downhill, Grind, Mirage, Studio, Vertigo, Encore, Magma, Uplink, Rush, Cove, and Detour. I didn’t get any news with these DLC maps

    • evilenger

      Sorry but Hockey Glory is pretty much done playing BO2 so there won’t be any new content for it. He’ll of course be continuing on the series when the new CoD comes out later this year.