Pester Indie Review

A week ago, I posted a review of Grid Space Shooter – an excellent indie shooter.  Here’s another one – Pester by Flump Studios.  But it’s not a twin sticker, but a shooter that can be described in a handful of bullets:

  • Innocent looking
  • Old school shooting
  • Merciless
  • Will leave you cussing and trying again
  • Freaking fun!
  • It costs….. $1!

Check out my video.  The second you boot up the game you get the most Atari 2600 looking page ever, followed by that cheesy splash page you got during 90s arcade games (with his own special message!).  This game can best be described as an old school shooter with onslaughts of enemies and occasional bosses.

Don’t let the retro graphics fool you.  You’ll get slapped!

So how does the game look, play and sound?

Before I get to the game, I had to look up to see if “Flump” is a real word.  It is.  It means something dull sounding.  All I know is when I saw the word “Flump” I thought of frump…. like a frumpy female.  LOL

  • The game is old school at heart, so the second you get to the title page, the screen is orientated like an arcade cabinet.  So the game is played vertically with the sides cropped.  You can select different visual modes to have scanlines on/off as well as side panels with graphics or not
  • I think the game runs at 30 fps.  Not sure
  • Visuals are fine.  This game is purposely trying to look pixelly
  • The first enemy you see coming at you looks like the green Galaga ship!  I’m positive I recognize some other ships, but can’t put a name to them
  • You can pick from 3 music tracks to start and a few more locked.  Loud techno beats
  • The game has a variety of modes and features including:  Classic, Survival, Asteroid Belt and Boss Mode
  • Classic gives you multiple lives etc…., Survival is one ship, Asteroid Belt has you flying through faster and faster rocks coming at you.  Boss Mode is just that
  • There is also Tempus mode that takes the modes and adds a timer.  Kill enemies and do well to keep adding seconds.  When it reaches zero time, game over
  • One modifier feature is the ability to add a second ship.  Unless you are god, I can’t see how anyone can play this effectively.  Use LS/LT to control one ship and RS/RT to control another!?!?
  • The game is simple.  Move your ship wherever you want…. vertically or horizontally.  Shoot, Smartbomb or use Hyper which is a massive spread gun.  You can pick up simple power-ups like P for more firepower, S for speed boost and B for another bomb
  • This game is hard as hell.  Watch the video and count how many times I die playing various modes!
  • The number of bullets, size of bullets and clutter of enemy ships will make you scream
  • Not sure if this intentional, but the background has stars zooming under you (3D effect).  One of the stars is bigger than the others and resembles an enemy bullet.  You’ll be dodging it thinking it’s enemy fire when it’s not.  Enemy fire in this game is not as bland as a white pixel box
  • You’ll see I keep retrying the game as Pester is easy to understand, fast and urges to do better.  The game looks so retro you’ll think it should be a cakewalk.  It isn’t
  • Pester is a solid shooter worth $1

If you want to play a tough retro shooter, Pester is definitely worth a look.  A good game by frumpy Flump Studios.  Haha!

Pester on Xbox’s Marketplace