True Gamers Know Xbox One Is The Best

Update (Aug 6, 2013)

I haven’t been in a Kmart in about 20 years.  That’s right, we’re talking some time in the 90s.  There’s no more around me, so I’ll never set foot in one again.  I always heard about the Blue Light Specials where a lot of hooting and hollering would happen and people scrambling around.  But I never once remember seeing one.  Goes to show how often I shopped there.  Are the Blue Light Specials even around anymore?  According to Kmart’s Wiki, they are still around sporadically:

“Blue Light Specials were revived again in 2009 on Saturdays, offering surprise hour-long sales on selected merchandise”

But don’t fret Sony gamers!  We know how precious saving that $100 is to your pocketbook…. so you can go spend it on Starbucks and other expensive electronics and the PS+ membership you now have to buy to play online MP when it used to be free.  PS4 has a built in Blue Light Special for you.  To remind you that Kmart has bargains you can save even more money.  Literally, it’s staring right at you!

Dilemma, dilemma.  Do I duct tape it?  What if I want it to interact with Eye for some games, but not for others?  What if there’s two or three friends over and we all have a controller where one light bar is blue, another pink, another green etc…?  Will they all reflect?  Will I need to duct tape all of them?

Sony PS4 Blue Light Special

What I Previously Wrote (Aug 4, 2013)

I’d like to say it’s 3 months until next gen systems launch, but guess what?  Neither Microsoft or Sony have confirmed release dates!  So who knows when current gen consoles finally get passed up for new gadgets. Never the less, its been months worth of info about games, features and price.  And when you add it all up, true gamers know Xbox One is currently the best, unless all you care about is buying the cheapest product on the shelf.

If all you care about is saving $, buy a PS4 and don’t read further.


We’ve all read the back and forth regarding Xbox One (X1) and Playstation 4 (PS4) specs and DRM.  On paper, PS4 seems to have better ram, ram bandwidth and tflops. All “paper specs”.  According to Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry’s PS4 hands-on testing of games in June, exclusive games including Killzone: Shadow Fall, Drive Club, Knack and Warframe are all hovering in the 20-30 frames per second range.  Lousy.  X1 games were running better as a whole.  Killer Instinct and Forza 5 tested at 1080p/60 fps.  Not included in the article was Titanfall – another 1080p/60 fps game.

For the whole DRM debacle, they are basically the same.  MS ditched the digital perks with the old DRM replacing it with a similar DRM as current gen systems and PS4.  Both MS and Sony are leaving it up to third party publishers if they want to implement their own DRM on used games.  So far, no third party dev has come out yet with any limitations…. at least not yet.  MS hinted that digital downloads may see the original DRM perks…. family sharing.

HDMI Input.  Only Xbox One has it.  It allows all the additional cable and tv content as shown at the Microsoft reveal.  Skype is included too.

X1’s can double as a development kit.  More details to come at Gamescon.

“Our vision is that every person can be a creator. That every Xbox One can be used for development. That every game and experience can take advantage of all of the features of Xbox One and Xbox LIVE,” Whitten’s statement reads. “This means self-publishing. This means Kinect, the cloud, achievements. This means great discoverability on Xbox LIVE. We’ll have more details on the program and the timeline at gamescom in August.”

Smart Match and Rep system.  X1 uses lots of variables and algorithms to match you up with other gamers.  While you wait for matchmaking, you can do other things.

Cloud.  MS will offer publishers dedicated servers.  I hope they use them!  So it’s in their hands whether they use them or try to “do it themselves” with their own servers or do P2P.  Cloud also provides extra computations for games freeing up X1’s cpus.  Titanfall will use it.  And Forza 5’s AI will be improved.

Kinect 2.0

Many people moan about Kinect because they think of endless fitness and dance games.  That is a fair argument if we’re talking 360.  For X1, Kinect 2.0 will have new Kinect focused games like Kinect Sports Rivals, but Kinect 2.0 adds various other features including:  1080p, recognizing gamers and adjusting profile/settings for them, swapping positions for local gamers, adding picture in picture and audio commentating for video uploading and if Kinect Sports Rivals is a good indicator, more face scanning.


Every console lives and dies with games.  And X1 has them.  Not only does X1 have more games running silky smooth at 1080p/60 fps, X1’s launch period games are much more varied than PS4’s line up.  X1 has everything from the well known third party games coming from EA, UBI and Activision such EA Sports, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, and Assassin’s Creed 4 to exclusives and new IPs.  Awesome exclusives and new IPs for X1 include:

Forza 5 (racer)

Killer Instinct (fighter)

Quantum Break (suspense.  New IP)

Ryse (action.  New IP)

Dead Rising 3 (action)

Titanfall (first person shooter.  New IP)

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (cute take on an existing franchise, third person shooter)

Crimson Dragon (old school fantasy third person shooter)

Sunset Overdrive (lighthearted first person shooter.  New IP)

Powerstar Golf (family fun golf game.  New IP)

Project Spark (user creations.  New IP)

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition (self explanatory)

Kinect Sports Rivals (Kinect)

Zoo Tycoon (Kinect)

Fantasia: Music Evolved (Kinect.  New IP)

The Old Guy in me Says

I’ve been gaming for 30+ years.  All the way back to faint memories of Coleco Telstar…. think of it as a Pong ripoff with the fakest plastic wood grain dashboard ever.   Xbox One is a no brainer.  Great system, games and features on the horizon.  I’ll pay the extra $100 for better games, features and the packed-in Kinect 2.0.

  • David Arturo Gonzalez

    Nice article. Echoes my thoughts!

    • Hockey Glory

      Agreed. People need to lighten up. I’m an Xbox fan, but so what? What amazes me is that if people read the site, they’d notice this article is actually One Part Fan, One Part Farce. So much for people reading between the lines. LOL

      • ShitNuts

        Says the faggot begging for Microsoft to watch him masturbate, lolol. Microsoft never cares about you, you’re just a battered housewife who has been beaten so many times you think it’s love. And that is sad. Wii U ftw

        • Guest

          Always better than the $0ny PauperStation N4Gtard following the rest of the NeoFAGs off the cliff.

        • Will

          Well, at least is isn’t the Xbitch or XsuckX you puppies like

        • Blaze Blue

          Such a num nut . Such a faggot who supports a 400 dollar product that only do one thing.

        • Jaxon Holden

          That goes for you too! He’s throwing derogatory terms at Xbox fans simply because of their console of choice, and is showing his blatant, childish immaturity. But now you’re doing the same thing to PS fans! I feel like I’m on a 12 year old’s webpage. Both of you, grow the hell up.

          Insulting others because of a damn console they find enjoyment in. Wow.

        • Matt Gordon

          Yeah because sony care about its customers, Haha, all involved are simply there to make money. If anyone doesn’t not fully understand that there judgement will be clouded. Everytime your hear an exec praise there loyal fans they are talking out of a different orifice. But the good thing is, that for either of them to make money they have to impress us the consumers, and you would be dumb to think they don’t completely understand that.

        • Jaxon Holden

          When you resort to calling someone a derogatory name simply because of the console he chooses to game on, you show your childish immaturity. Grow up, what are you 12?

        • Blaze Blue

          You shut the hell up. For a person who made his case in one post why post again

      • KaseyMoore

        The point is that you’re a journalist on this site. You’re supposed to have an impartial view on the subject matter. (non-biassed)

        Or at least call this an opinion piece rather than post it within articles.

        • What’s an “opinion piece” except an article based off of opinion? It’s all semantics…

        • Blaze Blue

          That’s funny was you saying the same thing when all of the fanboy journalist was pileup on Microsoft. You couldn’t avoid seeing it every where, it was all over the place. They got away with it.

          Microsoft can use some real support from the gaming community. You are just being a topical fanboy when it comes to something that you wish not to read, and may I add that this man is pointing out positive energy support for Xbox one.

      • Nice article man. Some people take this shit way too seriously…

        To those stumbling in here for the first time – it’s a fan
        site! We’re not making money off the crap we write, nor do we
        aspire to promote journalistic integrity because face it: our articles are based on opinions, and we’re not professional journalists, game reviewers, or even remotely connected to the industry!

      • Will

        And the keyword is “Xbox fan” then stating you was a PS, Sega & Nintendo fan, your article seriously is nothing but a joke.Since you only made the article to get views and comments like every fake journalist does these days, even a caveman can be a games journalist, lol.

      • Will

        Oh and one more thing, you was bragging about the Xbox games running at 1080p 60fps vs PS4 ‘s 20/30fps, that’s to remind you those games were running on a W7-powered high end PC with Nvidia cards instead of W8/AMD, deluded fool, lol.

        • Blaze Blue

          Let’s be clear Microsoft Xbox one games were not.

        • Will

          Ok ok, they were not on PC, they were on a Laptop then, lol, XBox fanboys denying evidence right in front of their eyes.

  • Kamille

    after launch for how long do you think MS will be able to sustain that model of paying a 3rd party for exclusives compared to Sony developing them in-house? We still haven’t even seen what Naughty Dogs are cooking and you know MS has no developer that can rival them since they lost Bungie. And what about Guerrilla and Media Molecule’s new IPs? And the always godlike Santa Monica too.

    Another thing is that the PS4 seems to be enjoying way higher pre-orders which guarantees that the console will have the strongest 3rd party support. Not to mention that as of now the PS4 has the most F2P games like Warframe, Planetside 2, Blacklight, DC Universe, etc. And let me say that this is a huge advantage the PS4 has over the XB1 since MS does not allows anything to be free through their XBL service.

    Like seriously, the only way you would prefer an Xbox over the PS4 it’s because you’re a fanboy in denial.

    • Hockey Glory

      MS has tons of money. They make about $5-6 billion profit per quarter. They can sustain anything. The real question is how long can Sony buy up independent studios by opening up their corporate coffers over the years. GG, Media Molecule, ND, Sucker Punch, Evo Studios are all independent studios they bought up and blended under their corporate umbrella.

      And we’ve seen what Media Molecule is up. A Sony Move puppet game.

      • Kay

        That money isn’t reserved for Xbox. There are not going to spend a billion, if they won’t get a billion plus in return. And right now they already spend a billion on third party exclusives. Add that to the R&D for the X1 and kinect 2.0(if it hasn’t been already) and my guess is they won’t be willing to spend another billion on games again, if they haven’t broken even. After the well runs dry on that first billion, there’s a high chance they will be going back to that two exclusive AAA titles a year thing.

        Sony has no need to buy more studios.They already have more than MS and Nintendo. Currently, they have closed a few studios in the last few years and they have invested money into the studios they do have. For example, sucker punch has a mo-cap studio and Naughty Dog is a two game studio now. So, Sony appears to be improving on quality, which is good.

        The only possible way I think X1 has a chance is if Kinect 2.0 blows up like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

        • avi

          ms are spending one billion on third party exclusives??
          you want to link me to that source?

          And actually, Microsoft has more first-party devs than sony does now.

        • TraceSkipper

          You are wrong. sony is came/coming out with at least 6 exclusives for the ps3/vita this year, b/c sony continues to support the ps3/vita, where is the support for the 360?

        • avi

          How am i wrong when i said no such thing to what you’re accusing me of??
          Read my comment again, will you??

        • slayer
        • Blaze Blue

          Do you know what the problem with that number you put up? It’s being split in half between two products. If you have said Sony is coming out with 6 exclusives for PS3 then ok . But them numbers are being shared between ps3 and vita. You have no point.

        • Blaze Blue

          LMFAO, it is! It’s going to be sold with every Xbox!

      • KaseyMoore

        Wasn’t that just a tech demo?

        Bit like that shite Milo demo for the Kinect?

        • Guest

          No that’s a completely crappy PS3 game.

      • TraceSkipper

        Microsoft is in deep trouble, window sales are the decline, you can read millions of articles on the subject, and their surface tablet is a failure.

    • avi

      i think you forget that ms has been slowly building their first party dev batch for quite some time now and has over-taken sony as the one holding the most first-party devs. And 343 Industries has some amazing talent. Sure, halo 4 had flaws, but it was the team’s first full game and they built the game while they were massively hiring people to build up their team. Think of all that they’ve learned since then. Now that the team is fully prepped and familiar, I can only imagine what their next chapter of halo will be like.

      • KingJamesVi

        please tell me about all of the proven first party studios Xbox has. 343 came out with a solid game, but they already had all of the hard work done for them by bungie. Fun game, but not ground breaking. Xbox has 343 studios, Lionhead, Turn 10, Remedy, and that’s about all of the first party studios who have made a name for themselves. Sony has 2 ND teams with proven games (both of their latest games got 10’s on IGN), 2 Guerilla Teams (KZ has been a proven shooter), 2 Santa Monica Teams, Media Molecule, and Sucker Punch. All of those studios have come out with amazing games from people with amazing talent. Not saying Xbox can’t have that or won’t have that, but head to head PS studios have been better than Xbox studios. Xbox still has a lot to prove in the games department.

        • avi

          Actually ms has more studios than that. A ton more.

        • KingJamesVI

          yeah I understand that I didn’t list all of them, but tell me all the great games those studios have made then. Until they put out a great game you can’t brag about all of their studios. I was just pointing out Sony studios have proved themselves this gen while Microsoft heavily depended on third party support and big name franchises like Halo, Forza, and Gears (which is 3rd party)

      • Varteras

        Microsoft now has more studios but not more people employed by those studios. Many of Sony’s studios have multiple teams. Japan Studio, Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio, London Studio, San Diego Studio, and now Guerrilla Games from what I heard. Add those with the all of their single-team studios like Polyphony Digital, Media Molecule, and Sucker Punch that have been around for years and I doubt you can compare. In addition, most of Microsoft’s new studios are largely untested. No proven track record.

        Everyone keeps trying to make a big deal about Black Tusk Studios even though their upcoming game is the first they ever made and we know virtually nothing about it. So why are people making a big deal about it? Basically, because Microsoft told them to. “It’s the next Halo”. Yeah, because that’s not a marketing attempt if I’ve ever seen one. How about Microsoft letting the players decide that?

        343 has some good talent but it’s not like they went from scratch and created some amazing game. They have some former members of Bungie and most of the formula had already been built for them long ago for a franchise that had a huge following. I thought Halo 4 was great but it was not up to par with previous titles. From here on out I expect Halo to still be a powerful franchise but I don’t think it’s going to be what it used to be. That pretty much leaves Lionhead and Turn 10 as the only other studios with a good record and the quality of Lionhead’s games have been on a decline. Turn 10 only makes a racing game once every few years. You could mention Rare but let’s be honest, there is little talent left on that team. They make decent games but they are a shadow of what they used to be.

        So all in all, Microsoft’s studio count is unimpressive right now with all things considered. One studio with its glory days behind them, another that is not too far from being in the same boat, one that is standing in the shadow of its predecessor, and the only one among them that has put out multiple highly rated games simply does the same game every few years. The rest are bargain bin game developers and ones that have yet to release a game.

  • Escopablobar

    To each their own I guess. So my question is if a person were to buy both would that make them more or less of a gamer? How silly. Real gamers love games of all types across all platforms. Real gamers appreciate competition and further more, could give two sh!ts about Sony, MSFT or Nintendo. Real gamers do not tether their identity or self worth to a box or a faceless corporation. So you like the X1 and its launch lineup. Well I like them both. Stop drawing a line in the sand and realize that real gamers don’t write crap like this.

  • The Man Joe

    I have to politely disagree with you. I feel as though Sony will have the better line up when all is said and done. Naughty Dog has yet to announce anything, nor has Sony Santa Monica. TitanFall will be coming to PS4 a year down the road, so I’m not too worried about playing that. The title of your article is mere flame bait, and is unfortunate to see anyone advertise such things. I could technically afford the PS4 and Xbox One at their launches with all the launch line up games, but I will only be picking up; the PS4. I haven’t been gaming for 30+ years, I’d say around 20, but I am a true gamer and the Xbox One isn’t something that interests me. I’m sure many people will enjoy it, don’t get me wrong, but the policies are what has turned me off of their system, not the higher price for lesser hardware (with a bundled Kinect). I am not attached to any singular console (I can show you my collection over the years), but this will be a PC, PS4, Wii U generation for me, especially since most of the Xbox One games will come to PC (which I recenetly built for around $2,000)! I hope you enjoy your shiny new system! I will definitely enjoy mine 🙂 And don’t assume someone is not a “true” gamer because they go with Sony, everyone has a right to enjoy what they like. As a side note, I never watch tv, so all those extra One apps are useless to me. Watching their reveal conference had me falling asleep (partially because I worked late the night before, the other half because I didn’t give a crap).

    • Gregormeister

      Apparently there are indeed some sophisticated people (sorry, gamers!) in here. You said exactly what I thought.

      But I wanna clarify one thing a bit sharper than you: The title of this article is a bad, american-style mindfuck for the weaker people out there. Or for kids. Sorry, but that is my oppinion. Think about it.

      • Guest

        Go suck $0ny’s tiny Japanese cock, pauper!

        • TraceSkipper

          I would say the samething about microsoft head of the gaming division, but guess what? She has no dick.

        • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

          Wow you truly are an utter fucking bellend aren’t you…how do you feel?

      • Vislav Horvat

        I agree, a very accurate description

      • Testament

        And on this day in history….
        Not a single fuck was given.

    • Testament

      Because of the policies that they completely changed for the better?
      Yeah, your argument seems completely valid!

  • Pouholo

    LOL! Nice Fanboy article, especially in the part where you mentioned xbox exclusives. You can’t even compare them to Sony exclusives, they aren’t even on the same level. . If you want TV TV TV TV, Kinect, Kinect, Kinect, Kinectfamily games and Halo, buy a xbox one. If you want a gaming console, buy ps4, and everyone knows that.

    No, true gamers buy the console they want, you are just a fanboy.

  • Lemondish

    I bet they’re not even Scotsman, either!

    This entire article is one giant fucking logical fallacy. You fail spectacularly at this whole ‘journalism’ bit.

    • Guest

      Just another $0ny PauperStation N4Gtard hanging around the net all day because his PoS3 can’t play most games properly save a few exclusives. GFY!

      • CraigC

        Attempting to read through that ridiculous diatribe was incredibly painful. Are you in need of medical assistance?

      • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

        Pot, kettle, black.

  • Peter

    Sorry dude, I’ve already preordered my PS4. Thanks but no Xbone for me.

  • KingJamesVI

    Seriously? You are basing your judgement off E3. E3 is an American show and Sony always holds a little back. The best system for gamers is everything. No need to say one is better. Sony said they have 30 exclusives lined up for the first year. SOE will finally publish more games and give them more exclusives. The big name developers haven’t even announced their games for PS4 (both ND studios, both Santa Monica studios, Media Molecule, San Diego Studios) They have the most first party studios and have PROVED they know how to make games for the gamers. Minus the Halo series, Xbox hasn’t had many great first party games pumping out. Don’t get me wrong they had good exclusives (mostly third party), but it’d be very ignorant to say Microsoft is winning in the games department. They didn’t hold anything back at E3, unlike Sony. Yoshida said how many exclusives they have lined up but only announced one extra from the ones we knew about. Basically we know about 10 games coming to the PS4 out of the 30 exclusives coming out in the first year. Do yourself a favor and wait a little bit before launch to declare what is better since you may change your mind.

    • The Man Joe

      Fanboys have already made up their minds Peter. There is no use trying to tell him. He wrote this as flame bait to get hits.

  • Gott

    I really enjoyed your article, but I cannot take you or it seriously, if you state that “True Gamers” will get a Xbox One. I believe I can be called a True Gamer, I don’t own all the consoles but I do not blatantly pretend that one is better than the other or that someone who plays one is better than someone else who plays another. “True Gamers” don’t side with one or the other “True Fanboys” do that.

    • Hockey Glory is probably our most honest, yet most controversial, writer on this site. No need to take this all too seriously – just enjoy his articles, and then sit back and watch the fireworks in the comments section.

  • PauperStation FTL Xbox One FTW

    Excellent article! $0ny PauperStation4 is for the N4Gtards and NeoFAGs that only think about their own wallet instead of properly supporting the industry.
    It’s the same people (if you can call them that as they are trolls hiding in mommy’s basement on the net all day because their lives are going nowhere) that destroyed MS’s industry forwarding digital model because they were so afraid it was going to put a stop to their second hand resales (which wasn’t the case), so they could always buy cheap. They’re just as criminal as GameStop, that’s the $0ny fanboy lemming!
    But not to worry boys and girls, MS’s reversal has only accelerated the process and the retail will die sooner now than under MS’s previous model with digital getting all the benefits over retail copies.

    Yours truly,

    • KaseyMoore

      Supporting the industry? You realise they nearly dropped all Indie support right?

      And you watched the first conference for MS where they showed 10 minutes of games throughout an hour press conference where they focussed on TV?

      PS+ argument is just old and irrelevant. I’ve got over $1,000 of digital games/avatars/themes/add-ons on my PS3 hard-drive wbu?

      • Guest

        You realize they STARTED indie on consoles with XNA, right?
        You realize they already announced in May they were making a replacement, right?
        You realize they announced a WinRT environment for XBO at Build, right?
        They showed almost half an hour of features and half an hour of games in May.
        PS+ argument is completely valid. You’ve got NOTHING! You rent $1000 worth of that where you have to keep paying the $0ny money trap to keep them.
        Have fun N4Gtard!

        • KaseyMoore

          I rent $1000+ worth of content for $60 a year and a growing content library. That’s not a good deal.

          Not to mention the discounts which are rental.

          With regards to indies do I need to send you articles with indie developers talking about how ‘great’ Microsoft is.

          As for exclusives what was the last GOOD exclusive Xbox 360 that wasn’t Halo 4?

        • Vera

          See the problem that is providing for the industry in that defecit? Nice job ruining the industry PS3tard!

        • KaseyMoore

          If they weren’t making a profit they wouldn’t put their games in the instant game collection.

          What sort of site is this? Fuck.

        • KaseyMoore
        • Guest

          Exactly, $0ny running itself into the ground. Thank you for that!

        • Will

          Only one running on the ground is you with your 6 Halos, 4 Gears Of Wars, like 4 Fables, 4 Forzas, all in one gen, so sad and repetitive, and now the 6th Forza game, like is that all Turn 10 is good at? Lol Mr. No Name.

        • Collego

          See my comments above.

        • Testament

          The 99% of the industry that isn’t Call of Duty or Battlefield.

        • KaseyMoore
        • john smith

          Forza 4

        • Will

          You know how’s XBoX Fanboys are, they think planet earth is like the Halo universe, hiding their heads with Master Chief like helmets to deny evidence proven shown in their idiotic faces lol.

        • paul rolland

          You mean the PC right as the where indy games started? and to make games on live you had to use the system they designed to make the games which is very very limited. if you wanted to make a full arcade game using your own engine and your own full script you needed backing from a major publisher

        • Vera

          Not with XNA, and the post clearly says on consoles.

        • Will

          Yeah, they started Indie, but Indie leads to bigger studios, because that is in a lot of ways similar when guys like Inafune, Kojima and others used to do back in the days, now they’re big studios, one of the highest rated games of this generation is an indie game, but here’s the catch, it’s a PS3 game, Journey, lol.

      • Blaze Blue

        Please do share why ps+ news is old? Would you would you really please please please!!!

  • Buc_Nasty


    • Blaze Blue


  • handy

    True gamers will decide what they want to play on and enjoy their games whether it be on 1 or multiple platforms. True gamers will also not attempt to put other people down for whatever platform they choose to play on.

    • DonttalkBS

      Agreed, but tell that to those self proclaimed hardcore true gamers at GAF and N4G. They’re full of BS!

  • Franko

    Ahahaha, what a joke. Just wait till ms bring back those shi**y restrictions they were forced to take off…

  • Josh Gordon

    Stupid fanboy articles…. meh zzz

  • iamyourgodbeotch

    only a downie or a PSpoor asian would want a gay sony machine in there house

    • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

      Well at least they can spell ‘their’ you fucking bigoted moron.

      • Blaze Blue

        I think he meant to spell it that way old chap

        • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

          Er, how, and more importantly, why? the guy is a fucking prick, with enough hate to make anybodys toes curl.

        • Blaze Blue

          Lol true

  • Edonus

    What i have seen is that sony seems to go for to bottom of the barrel consumers. They will always be the ones saying “I just want” or “I dont need”. Much like people use to be with cell phone, I just want to make calls and /or I dont need all that cameras and internet and apps stuff.

    MS gamers or true consumers are always welcoming more and new, I want more input options uses for kinect I want more functionality and ability in my console, dedicated servers for most if not all of my games is a killer app to any real gamer/consumer. The ONE can scan me in to games…. I as a real gamer have dreamed about this since the days of the Genesis. The multitasking is straight out of sci fi movies.

    The truth is MS is on a faster growth chart than Sony, look at illumiroom and and their google glasses and kinect the wi fi direct in Smart glass go under the radar a lot but it is big. The most Sony gave us is a clickable touchpad, they even took away their camera that was designed to work with their standard controller basically crippling any innovation it could have provided. So why is everyone so happy with getting a few more pixel on the screen?

    Sony knows they have diehard supporters that will only grow as fast as Sony allows them to. They are just now getting a Dashboard MS had this since last gen, they are stoked they are getting headsets, again last gen, now they are paying to access MP because the funds will allow sony to improve their network…. this is my MS is a full 7-8 years ahead of Sony with their internet offerings. Sony had to start giving games away to stay relevant.

    I know I just pissed lots of Sony supporters off but with that said I dont think the Ps4 is a bad console, actually I dont think sony is capable of making a bad console. They will have great games they have a nice handful of some of the best franchises in gaming and great studios. Even though their feature set is not as robust as MS their feature set is still very nice. I am not blind to think the Ps4 is some how inadequate but I am also not so blind that I cant see the ONE has more and does more.

    • TraceSkipper

      If microsoft is so good why did they change so much? Backstepping and groveling is how i see microsoft. I dont want them to fail b/c it does push sony to give its customers more value. So for purely selfish reasons go Microsoft go.

      • Edonus

        To answer your question I leave you with a quote from Charles Darwin

        “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

      • Guest

        So much? They only changed the 24h check in requirement. That’s it. GFY!

      • Testament

        Changing your business model to make your consumer base happier is a good thing. It is better than just flipping them the bird and saying “This is what you get. If you don’t like it, too bad.”
        All Sony did was wait for Microsoft to make announcements, judge whether the reaction was positive or negative, then react accordingly. They essentially built the PS4 modeled after the Xbox One with slight upgrades and a lower price. There is still 0 innovation.

    • Baron Von Rhett

      Microsoft’s Google Glasses…? anyone else see the problem with this?

      • Will

        Don’t listen to that fool. But actually Microsoft looks to go after google with making their version of the Google Glasses, and funny those fanboys deny MS copying when is right in front of their eyes.

    • Will

      MS gamers? True consumers? Multitasking is out of Sci-Fi movies? Lol pardon me, but you’re talking too much out of your ass, and talking like the typical MS fanboy that you are states the obvious, Xbox fanboys are always delusional beings, since you make it seem like everything MS does came out of the Matrix movies, where’s Milo? Lol.

  • Amazballs2k

    Zoo Tycoon (Kinect) << JUST LOL!

  • KuchikiSentou

    “Gamescom”. I think, if by “true gamers” you mean FPS gamers (CoD Battlefield Halo TitanFall etc) and Madden players then yes Xbox Juan is the way. But for “true” gamers that care more about other types of games in addition to the above mentioned, they’d probably get a PS4.

    • Michael M.

      I could say the same thing about PS gamers. A lot have said that “true gamers” will get a PS4. Well, if you’re only interested in dragons and wizards and characters that resemble an anime, then yes, PS4 is the way to go. I honestly hate the word “true gamer” and the guy who wrote this is dumb for saying it. A gamer is a gamer. I love lots of different games but I prefer action and shooters (mostly first person) because its fun. But I guess I’m not a “true gamer” then now am I?

      • KuchikiSentou

        That’s my point. You cannot point to one particular genre of game that the PlayStation player favours over another. Racing games RPGs other games in general do better on PlayStation platforms. Everybody knows that 70% of Xbox gaming is shooters. Whereas the PlayStation community isn’t particularly identifiable with one genre over the other.

        • Vera

          Everybody knows you’re full of shit. The Xbox 360 had over 100 million more software sales than the PS3 in many categories.

        • KuchikiSentou

          The “more sales” are 80% CoD, with GTA 4, which had the exclusivity deal (12 months). The others are Battlefield, Borderlands, Crysis. I wonder what these have in common…?

        • KuchikiSentou

          Further the “true Xbox gamer”: quick to call names and use profanity. Typical Live behaviour. No wonder Microsoft had to introduce a reputation system; which Xbox gamers are proud of for some reason… Is it not a testament to the notoriously rude nature of online interactions that Microsoft invested billions to regulate the insolent behaviour often encountered on Xbox Live?

  • Thomas

    This is one of the most biased articles I’ve ever seen.

  • Yaseen Essack

    excellent article. xbox one trumps ps4

    • TraceSkipper

      You know, I know and everyone knows that will never happen. And it never will.

  • XBO FTW!

    XBO FTW!

  • Sylmaron

    So I should pay 100 dollars more for an less powerfull system with a feature I don’t want (Kinect)? Me thinks not.

  • Guest

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    • Guest

      Poor pauper. Always cry alone!

    • Vera

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    • Guest

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      Christopher Johnson’s poor looking johnson ^

  • Something

    I guess we’re fake gamers cause we think other wise and know all platforms have something good to offer. The title should be changed to “True Fanboys know the Xbox One Is The Best”!

    Well I’m proud to call myself a Non-true gamer, as all my “gaming” will be on the PS4, and i’ll be playing games on that and that next gen Console alone!

  • paul rolland

    Fan boy drivel, forgot to talk about the lack of first party studios, the loss of many of 1st party studios where as Sony Studios are getting stronger an stronger. He also show any lack of knowledge by talking aboutps4 games running at 30fps, these were the first games designed on the system using a mix of both the prototype ps4 dev kit and the ps3 dev kit so of course many first games would run at 30fps . I moved from PS2 to 360 as at the time they had the new better games now, Microsoft think they can make the same old games and people will still buy there system, most of the games they brought out for the system like Titan fall are going to be on PC so there no need for me to buy the system as I can play for free on the PC and I can build a better PC for the price of the Xbox one. Just look at the awesome studios that they once dueing 360 owend, like Rare, most left after being forced to make kinect games, now they dont even have the skill base to make KI on there own, Mistwalker, founded by FF creator cast aside because 360 didnt sell well in Japan, Oddworld spent time and money remaking Stanger for xbox then told they put the game on 360 due to it being on ps3 first. I will buy what ever system has the best games and right now that is Sony

  • Vera

    Awww man, look at all the N4Gtards trying to convince themselves that their PoS4 for the poor is the way to go. Suck it fags, you’re no real gamers, you’re paupers begging for every other freebie like a crack addict!

    • Christopher Johnson

      eat a dick

      • Guest

        Yeah, the picture you posted of your own was pretty ugly.

    • paul rolland

      I feel sorry for you never playing games, I have a PC, PS3 and 360, and they all have awesome games, well the 360 kinda died off in the last 2 years tho but I feel really sorry that you wont every play games like the last of us maybe the best game of this gen because your a silly fan boy who only plays one system for no reason other than a silly sense of childish loyalty to one system upon which the owners care nothing about you

  • Guest

    True gamers you said .. ?
    This is too much …..


    A true gamer would not choose 1 console over another. He/she would choose the console made for gamers, not tv junkies!

  • Yo!

    Sony Has Naughty Dog!
    Enough Said!

  • Sheldon Prescott

    I’ve noticed for a long time now that X1 offers more than the PS4, so the pricetag is justified to me. There’s a good reason why it costs more, but “gamers” always fight me on that idea. Don’t believe me? Looks up the List of Every Unique Features Xbox One Offers Consumers. With all those features, why wouldn’t it cost more?

    • Blaze Blue

      You know why they fight you, it’s because they don’t have it. Now if it was on their system and not the others then it would have been a whole different story. They love their playstation and there is nothing is wrong with that, but don’t take your anger out on Microsoft because Sony didn’t think of it first!

      point example this guy below me Pouholo do I need to say anymore?

  • Whoo boy… the gloves are off now! Hockey Glory with yet another provocative article!

    True gamers will own both consoles, and maybe use the Wii U to prop up their cable box between Mario releases :D.

    I’ve got both preordered, but Gamescom will really determine which one I eventually go with.

  • Anthony Davis

    “True gamers” just play games. They don’t speculate which console is better without actually ever having played either one. And even then, it’s just a matter of preference most of the time.

  • Tainted Meat

    And how much did Microsoft pay you to go balls deep on their cock? You should be ashamed of yourself. And you call yourself a gamer. Sellout bitch is more like it. What’s it feel like to have sold out? You feel good about yourself? Pathetic douche bag. You would have been the kid in the arcade that I would have thrown his quarter that was on the glass for next game across the game room and told to get lost and had you come back beat you into a pulp and dragged behind the machine to let you sleep it off

    • TraceSkipper


    • Matt Gordon

      Let the guy have his opinion, and it always humours me what a guy “would” do to someone through a keyboard. Mate your simply a loser.

      • Tainted Meat

        It’s “you’re” and “humors” you euro trash POS. Come at me when you learn 3rd grade English you fucking douche bag loser.

  • Arron Clements

    Got the promise of a free console, free games and free live? Funny how there has been a rash of the positive opinion pieces all of a sudden. Make me even more resolved to not bother with this dogs dinner of a fiasco that is the XBONE.


    True gamers know that PC is the best you idiot. Consoles, and especially xbox gimps are bunch of kids playing with leftover toys from the PC.

    Kinect?? Are you serious? Dont make me laugh. Anyone with a shred of commom sense know that will have no impact on serious games. Have fun playing Dance Central or whatever pussy crap gets you wet these days

  • Starsailor

    I dont know if this was supposed to be convincing. It isnt. The paper specs if confirmed by Sony become specs period. I am not surprised the article doesnt even bother mentioning the reliability of Microsoft hardware vs Sony’s. Especially when you paid $100 extra it should matter.

  • Guest

    Just check his profile guys , I think i’m gonna throw up

  • Rory Breslin

    I’m sorry i have to disagree with this article, for one I am an xbox 360 man, however after the way microsoft initially tried to screw gamers over with the non trade in scheme, continually have to check in online and then to to do a 180 and change it because Sony didn’t include any of that crap, I was beginning to see that perhaps Xbox 1 isn’t what i need or want. Then the press conference tried to show the console as more than a games station, a tv, a skype, yes fair play to them for trying to incorporate new ideas and things, but unfortunately as a “true gamer” as you put it, I don’t give two farts about any of these, i want my games console to play games. Then the inclusion on kinect with an extra $100, i have a kinect for the 360 and i’ll be honest i was looking really forward to gettin one, but when i got it, i suddenly realised that i don’t want to be waving my arms like a prat, i want a controller, its a gimmick and unfortunately a waste of money(opinion). Then it comes to the exclusives, i’m sorry out of the xbox1 lis tnot being biased, i am only slightly looking forward to titanfall, because it looks different. Racers are just new and shinier cars, thats it. The rest to me will unlikely reach any more than 7/10.(again opinion). Killzone to me will be the best exclusive out of both consoles, also inFamous and the order look to be something special. An interesting article, a good read, but in my opinion i feel a true gamer would perhaps prefer the PS4 as sony have simply set it out to be a games console rather than an entertainment system. (just my opinion)

  • TraceSkipper

    I think Sony does more for gamers than microsoft. The original xbox one was design to take over the entertaiment center of the living room and promote its own TV shows and programming … with achievements … what a joke. The kinect is so unappealing that I thank God that Sony didnt screw up and try to do something similar. And as for the exclusives Sony will always have better and more exclusives. This is just my opinion.

  • twinspectre

    jeez i hate Casual Gamers and this Article is made by a Real Casual CUnt
    @Hockey Glory you Hate Run and Gun but you play CoD , Cod is a Run and Gun game
    you are a FAKE gamer DealwithIt buddy

  • TheFanBoySlayer

    I could literally destroy every argument in this article but I’m not going to. Should be self explanatory. If you do your research you will know. Fact is that Sony and Microsoft are waay to even right now with one of them having a slight edge in some departments like Sony with Gaikai and then Microsoft with its Kinect 2.0 (Which is pretty cool even though most disagree…dont hate till you try it). I think we should wait till Gamescom and TGS and then decide who wins in the games department because it is waaaaaay too early to tell when they both. Thank You…FanBoySlayer Out

  • Mitchell Hall

    while i dont agree with the “true gamer” bullshit because a true gamer gets both to enjoy both exclusives from both consoles (provided they can afford it) but i do however agree with the xbox being the superior console and a lot of the comments on this article are just made by butthurt sony fanboys. Its just a fact that the xbox one games have been running at a higher framerate of 60 fps and crisp 1080p and its clearly the result of better hardware. The ddr3 8gb of ram that gives devs more ram to play with then the ps4 because of their terrible OS along with xboxs esram and dedicated sound processor is showing to be superior to sonys ps4. at least sony using so much on the Os is going to make it less terrible than current how long does it take a ps3 to load trophy list and trophy comparrisons not to mention loading the terrrrrible psn store . Next the xbox has so many added features that the ps4 could only dream of. Giving you more bang for your buck since it clearly doesnt degrade any of the gaming. Next kinect 2.0 is hands down amazing how its integrated directly in the xbox experience, not by standing up and waving your hands but by sitting down with a controller picking your hands up to lift your shield or talking to give commands to squad or just simply swiping your hands to move seamlessly through menus. the ways it can be used is endless and the new tech driving it is insanely better than the original. next the smartmatch system is going to be amazing.. no more lobbies nuff said. Next weve got 300 000 servers powering the cloud which is absolutely inssane and that number is only going to grow truly making this system future proof. The ways in which they are going to use the cloud in the coming years is going to change gaming forever by giving real living breathing worlds that change constantly. Im excited about the ps4 dont get me wrong and will be buying both for exclusive games but its just insane to not give the xbox one the respect and hype it deserves. 2014 is going to be an amazing year for gamers

    • Slayer

      1. I do not sway towards either console but I do care about facts. And your comment displays none.

      2. Only 3 Games have been shown with 1080p/60fps…not every games has to be 60fps, It is all preference. Racing games and Fighting games have to 60fps (Like Forza and Killer Instinct). Fact is, all of those types of games this gen recently have been 1080p 60fps…I mean seriously u should know this. Someone is gonna reply and be like “Oh Drive Club isnt 60fps” I know….it wasn’t at E3 but they came out and said they ae trying to raise the frame rate. We wont know till its confirmed. Games like Killzone don’t need to be 60fps because it is a slow paced shooter with lots of detail. Less frames means more detail can be added….common sense. Games like COD dont need 30fps cause it is fast paced. BF3 used 30fps. It is all about consistency when it come to fps

      3. esRAM doesnt help at all….look it up in this video below. I DONT feel like typing it all out

      and dedicated sound processor…what???

      4. The only feature it has over ps4 is that you can connect your cable box to it and it will add new AMERICAN sports updates to it. All the streaming apps are coming to both.

      5. I agree kinect is cool.

      6. 300,000 servers not just for gaming but it is for all of Microsoft….Microsoft Azure is the cloud service which is used for multiple things. Students use it, developers use it, companies use it, I use it, u might even use it right now.

      7. Sony already announced dedicated server support but i dont believe it will be as strong as xbox’s

    • Baron Von Rhett

      Just one quick correction. Both systems have 8GB of Ram. One has DDR3, one has GDDR5. The both have there pro’s and Con’s. The difference you would get between them is some minuscule, you wouldn’t really even notice.

      • Mitchell Hall

        oh yeah i know i was just stating developers have access to 5gb of xbox ones ram and devs only have access to 4.5 for ps4.

  • brianc6234

    True gamers know the Xbone is a piece of crap. The PS4 is way more powerful. The exclusives on the PS4 are way better. Only people being paid by Microsoft would say otherwise.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    True gamers know Xbox One is last. Enough said.

  • Baron Von Rhett

    One, the Xbox fan boys in these comments are even more rude and disrespectful then any Sony fan boy I have every seen.

    Two, there are many flaws in your reasons.

    To start, I read all your reference articles, and I noticed that you left out the fact that a lot of the other Xbox one games didn’t run at 60 frames per second. Forza only did 60 in cockpit view, and killer instinct doesn’t have that demanding of graphics. Titanfall is projected for 60 fps, yet you have no proof to show it ran like that on an Xbox One, on a PC maybe (Yes it is on PC too, not Just Xbox), but not on the Xbox One. I do give all these games, Xbox and PS4, the benefit of the doubt considering most are alpha or pre-alpha builds.

    If the DRM is the same, then don’t include it in here.

    This is nice except my PC can connect to my cable box, and the PlayStation 3 had the ability to connect to your cable as well through a special dongle(though it might have only been available in Europe.) So this isn’t anything too amazing, nor is it really that exciting of a feature. And why did you toss the Skype in this part? It has no place where you put it, not is it that special. You can Skype on the PSP, PS Vita, PS3, (PS4 Maybe) and on ANY computer.

    I can do that on my computer… And the PS4 claims exactly the same.

    Really not that exciting. I mean it is nice, but a lot of games have something similar built in.

    Sony says they also have a cloud and a game streaming service. Dedicated servers haven’t been confirmed, but they are rumored in some places.

    The Kinect never interested me. Playing games on it just never interested me. The only thing that I do find interesting about this version of the device is that it has the facial recognition, though I am skeptical of it’s accuracy considering how many phones claim to do it, yet fail.

    Before I get to the games, let me correct this silky smooth statement. In your linked article they state that “there’s “pop-out” in the rear-view mirror while set to cockpit view, where pieces of the world disappear abruptly after passing a certain point.”. now to me that doesn’t sound silky smooth. Not enough? “but we did notice one person experiencing terrible tearing…” Yes, I know I cut off the excuse, but i didn’t find it necessary. Still as I said earlier, this is an early build of the game and will be improved before release.

    Back to the games. For one, it is not necessary to point out individual multi-platform games. It simply causes misconceptions with the people who don’t know that much about video games, making them believe that they are only available on the Xbox One (There are actually people who would believe this, and it is honestly a dirty marketing strategy). Also I have noticed 2 games that are technically not exclusives, Titanfall and Minecraft (yes I know there is the Xbox One Edition, but I have seen nothing special about it that the PC version can not do). Both of these games are on/coming to PC. As for the other games some are interesting and exclusive ideas, others are just a another brand of the same old style, and some are just stupid in my opinion.

    In the end, to say that is the only intelligent choice is not only immature, but is completely baseless. I could argue that true gamers know PC is the best, yet you would regard me as an idiot for such a statement despite the fact that PCs are more powerful, have more options, and have more games? (hmm sound like a familiar argument?) So please don’t make blunt blanket statements that just make you look like a close minded child. I respect your efforts a journalist, but I would recommend that in future articles, you present a comparison to show what the other has to offer. Not only is it more fair to both sides, it is also far more professional. Thank you for your time.

  • Boomie

    Ive been gaming for 37 years, I have worked in the games industry. xbox showed cgi replays if you will at E3, I saw NO gameplay footage… All replay type videos, cause they were, and CGI period. They were running on dev kits, or xbox’s in a PC case, Your basing your opinion on footage, you haven’t played anything, which is irresponsible. The PS4 specs aren’t paper specs, they are REAL specs that you haven’t seen yet, actually, I have, I have seen actual game play footage on the PS4 and it looked great. If by looking at the xbox specs you think its a better system, then buy it. GDDR3 in the year 2016 is laughable, PS has alot of custom chips in it to do alot of processing and take the load off the cpu. Bottom line is GDDR5 is faster and newer, and PS4 has alot more floating operations per sec. If the xbox had better stats, you would praise it, because it doesnt work in your favor, you knock it… You sound like the little fat kid in 5th grade who stomped his feet when he didnt get his way.. You know which is a stronger system, if it was xbox, you would be bragging about it.

    • Mitchell Hall

      youre laughably moronic lol. What the hell are you talking about i was at e3 and i played ryse and it was gameplay it wasnt “cgi replays” as you called it. Lol you say you worked in the game industry but then talk out of your butt constantly. Let me guess.. cashier at gamestop? haha. at the xbox confrence all the games were being played in realtime with the person standing there with controller in hand. people like you baffle me lol. then you say ps4 has custom chips. are you for real? read a little bit. sony used all off the shelf components its microsoft that has custom built gear such as their gpu. Man i swear i dont know where some people come up with this crap. actually xbox has the faster ram due to its esram. ps4 however can move more memory but is slower. stupidity is contageous i swear.

      • CraigC

        Do you have a source for the xbox having a more customized GPU statement? All the articles I have read have the PS4 having the more customized GPU (more GPGPU ability).

  • Joe Vicious

    Completely agree w/ your article. Getready for Sony fanboys to swarm w/ misinformation and silly arguments. They continue to spread negative rumors about things that have been debunked. The insecurities they put on display are pretty sad

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Dumb as a brick, delusional, completely wrong, mentally ill fanboy imbecile.

  • stopshortorgolong

    Pretty lame article. Obviously has a boner for MS products. I’m getting both so there’s no debate. And if Sony adds the Vita to the bundle for 500 I will be very impressed.

  • jacksjus

    I didn’t bother to even read this article because I thought the title was a little insulting. This guy is a real professional.

  • DJexs

    LOL sounds like and angry fanboy trying to justify his shitty pre order.

  • Mr. Black

    Hey Man, if you want to show something with an objectiv view. Than you have to compare both sides and not only showing what one of them is doing (maybe better):

    First the point of hardware, specs etc. First it’s one hands on test, time will tell on what platform it’s actually working with the standard 60fps/1080p sony wanted to be standard this generation. But on the Xbox side you have to look at the E3 where every game ran on a PC with other hardware specs than the Xbox One.

    Second thing i want to mention, is the Cloud system, sony is using it to and also gives the developers the possibilty to store some computations there.

    The other thing about computations you mentioned like “Smart Match and Rep System” is invalid in my opinion because there you have to look at the hardware what is nearly the same in both system. So the codes the developers are writing are nearly going to be the same i think, because both systems are using the same cpu and the core system is from the same developer AMD.

    Now with this in mind, coming back to your headline, All in all it is a decision by everybody himself.

    On the one Hand you have the X1 with its exclusive Line-Up, the Entertainment package it delivers (as “all in one Entertainment”) and strong support.

    On the other hand you have the PS-4 with its exclusive Line-Up, the core focus on gaming and the advantage for Indie developers and fresh gaming idead.

    These are the only important facts where you as a gamer have to look at to make a decision.

    For me it is the PS-4 after all. But the X1 is still a great console with strong line up (i’m looking at ryse with some tears, Halo since 343 is developing it and the SkyGo package in germany^^)

    • Mitchell Hall

      dude what in the actual f*** are you talking about lol. the smart match and rep systems have absolutely zero to do with the consoles hardware and whether or not theyre similar. Both of these things have nothing to do with the actual console hardware as theyre both done in the cloud. The smartmatch and repsystem is a series of algorhythms to match you with the right type of player and negates the need for brutal boring lobbies. Both of which not being on ps4. i think youre confused.

  • PS4pwnztheXBONE

    LMAO! ps4 is gonna curbstomp the xbone so bad
    Naughty dog alone has more talent than all of M$ studios combined
    the xbone will be lucky to beat out the wiiU in sales ROFL/ LMAO!
    nobody wants a one trick halo box that will get RROD 2.0 !!!!!!!!

    • Naughty dog should start by upgrading their AI and gameplay…then i might consider them a serious studio.

  • clearwoodbellawater

    you left out one little tidbit when you were spouting off things from that eurogamer benchmark test article….the fact that they plainly stated that ps4 performed better in all tests of third party games, as much as 40% better….tech specs are what they are, it’s all right there in plain english, regardless of what the first couple launch games are running off, when we get into the 2nd & 3rd year and beyond of these consoles, sony just plain has better hardware…people can regurgitate microsoft quotes about “how much better it can be w/ the cloud” but most of them also neglect to mention or realize that the cloud will never handle graphics processing, only light physics stuff, and even that has been unexperienced at this point, beyond the fact that now that the drm features are scrapped, single player games simply won’t be using them…it’s the same argument fanboys make w/ the new kinect “i don’t like motion controls, but now that devs know everyone has it, they can make better experiences” (a fundamentally flawed argument, if you don’t like motion controls, better tech won’t change that), now that devs know that the system isn’t always online, they can’t utilize all of the “cloud power” that microsoft is spitting….ultimately it’s down to whatever system you prefer, but these articles by fanboys claiming that the one is “the best” are a joke…maybe it’s the best for you, or other people that play nothing but cod multiplayer & online sports games, but those that want variety in titles, as well as decent singleplayer experiences and storytelling in quality exclusives are better served w/ the ps4….to each their own on opinions, but don’t try to pass yours off as fact w/o showing both sides of the argument, and hinging your every expectation on a company that has a proven track record of not following through on most promises

  • lorelai4cuties

    its the worst article i read ever written by xbox fanboy *sigh* you say ps4 powerful than xbox1 only in paper thats made me laughs xD
    its not only ps4 powerful than xbox1 and thats a fact its cheaper too ..i dont trust microsoft at all after DRM and online check in they want to do the best of developers not for consumers but when they saw PS4 dominated then by the preoders they change their policies not because they listened to us they dont want to lose the $ ..they do anything for the $ ..lets not forget the PRSIM gangs (google facebook microsoft..etc) i would never trust them ..ppl should be smarter than that ..if Sony did what micrsofot did screw them i can have my WiiU not a fanyboy i just dont like to be fooled..before you write article you should ask yourself Am i a fanyboy? maybe you will stop written stupid shits like this

  • coolaneasy

    Not calling foul on the article or siding with either console but your framerate reasoning in 1001% wrong. You don’t compare framerates from different games and say X1 is capable of doing 60 fps and ps4 isn’t. You have to use the same game. In fact there is some link somewhere where they compared several games on both consoles and ps4 had an edge by about 20-25%.

    • Matt Gordon

      Your right about comparing the same game in regards to fps, although that still doesn’t tell the full story eg: PS3 was more powerful but its framerate on COD suffered compared to the 360. That link your talking about was from digitalfoundry and they cleary mentioned that its was on pc’s built to replicate the relevant cosoles to the best of there ability, and there were varibles in the consoles they could not predict. Lets just wait and see the reviews on polished launch title before we start bagging people out for there opinions guys.

  • Jaxon Holden

    Let Xbox fans enjoy the amazing Xbox One.
    Let PS fans enjoy the fantastic PS4.
    Let Nintendo fans enjoy the incredible Wii U.
    And let us multi-console gamers enjoy all of them.

  • Vislav Horvat

    This article is a fail on so many levels that it’s hard to even laugh at it, and i laugh at all sort of things, even when i hear a good critic of myself.
    First, now when Ps4 is cheaper it doesn’t matter at all but when Ps3 was more expensive than X360 then the whole M$ community and xbots were laughing at it and pointing it out like it was such a big deal and a turning point for choosing X360 over Ps3. But now, it doesn’t matter. 😀
    Second, when xbox live wasn’t free then it was because it was soooo much better than Ps network which sucked basically cos it was free, but now when Ps plus is not free anymore now it’s something to brag about and ignore the fact that Ps plus offers much more than Xbox live, even on Ps3. Ps plus means free AAA games since like… always, get over it.
    I’ve been playing for around thirty years and in the console world when first Playstation came out it was a breath of fresh air, when first Xbox arrived it was really nothing that new and special. I’ve owned two X360’s and compared to Ps3 it is really superior, for the money you give you get soooo much f…. more, i’m not a fanboy of anythijng i just wage really much and in the end i know what i like, i don’t need articles like this to help me decide on anything:
    You can try to change people’s minds as much as you’d like but i tell you this. Ps4 will be amazing, if you don’t trust me mark my words and then if i’m wrong you can laugh at me later as much as you like.

  • Sheldon Prescott

    Whenever I hear people complaining about the $100 price difference, I just think of all the people who constantly buy the new iPhone without much complaint about the price. I don’t get how that’s absolutely fine, but it’s all of a sudden a huge deal when MS does it.

  • Collego

    Its also about keeping talented people making the hardcore games and making sure that they get paid. You also have to consider the reinvestment factor to make new games. If you buy a game and choose to sell it to your friend or on ebay that’s ok but if GameStop (and others) buy games back for next to nothing then sell it and makes a big profit…there is something wrong with that. They are undercutting the game developers who are helping keep them in business and bringing great games to market. Now I don’t know about you but if I had someone I knew that was constantly undercutting me I would find new ways to do business without them. And if I don’t my talented people will find there way to other closed systems (Apple and Android). I don’t understand gamers who say developers make to much money. If you have a product and you feel it has a certain value and you sell it for the amount you choose…buy if you like it, don’t if you don’t or cant afford it. SIMPLE!! (and if you wait 4 or 5 months a new $60 will be half price or less.

    The bottom line is MS was trying to get the money back were it needs to be and to be innovative to help push the industry forward. Sony is trying to keep things the same with no innovation. And the touch pad…not seeing it. Lack of innovation in the CE business means here today and gone tomorrow. Look at how Sony was the top TV brand not to long ago and Samsung within a period of about 10 years went from the bottom to the top. You have to keep moving forward because if you stand still you will be left behind. Business 101.

  • Cockmongler

    Dude are you high? For someone who calls himself a “Gamer Vet” You sure have a biased opinion.

  • Jude

    true gamers will know PlayStation 4 is the only system to buy for the next 7 years

    this analyses is a joke
    PlayStation 4 over Xbox one in everything

  • Testament

    I’m getting both.
    Because I am a real gamer, not a cheap piece of crap, or a fanboy.
    I am looking forward to seeing what both Microsoft and Sony bring to the table this generation and I cannot wait to get my hands on both of their exclusives.
    For me, it isn’t about what console is better. It doesn’t matter. As long as they both work well, don’t RROD or YLOD, and have great libraries of games, that is all that matters to me.
    As for the rest of you fanboys….
    Enjoy playing your single console exclusives…
    You will be missing out on a lot because of your narrow minded bullshit.

  • butthurt fanboy

    A TRUE GAMER SHOULD OWN BOTH CONSOLES…!! a retarded blog from a retarded journalist.

  • latinalover

    Titanfall isn’t a exclusive

  • redavutstuvader


    Here is some more fire for the flame to educate LAMESTATION 4 people.
    BONAIRE 7790 V PITCAIRN 7850
    as we know many websites are saying XB1 Is using an HD 7790 Bonaire and that PS4 uses a 7850 Pitcarn. What they fail to mention is the 7790 is more powerful than the 7850 according to chart on
    it also states
    the 7850 Pitcarn had 2gb of ram against 7790 Bonaire 1gb of ram the bonaire out performs it with less ram and stream processors.

    128 BUS 7790 896 stream cores 1,792 GFLOP
    256 BUS 7850 1024 usable stream cores 1,761 GFLOP
    The 7790 Bonaire (march 2013)was released after the 7850 Pitcairn (march 2012)causing the Pitcairn to be discontinued.
    Radeon HD 7800

    Codenamed Pitcairn, the Radeon HD 7800 series was formally unveiled on March 5, 2012, with retail availability from March 19, 2012. Products include the Radeon HD 7870 and Radeon HD 7850. The Radeon HD 7870 features 1280 usable stream cores, whereas the Radeon HD 7850 has 1024 usable stream cores. Both cards are equipped with 2 GB GDDR5 memory and manufactured on TSMC’s 28 nm process.[11]
    Radeon HD 7700

    Codenamed Cape Verde, the Radeon HD 7700 series was released on February 15, 2012. Products include the Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition and Radeon HD 7750. The Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition features 640 stream cores based on the GCN architecture, whereas the Radeon HD 7750 has has only 512 usable stream cores. Both cards are equipped with 1 GB GDDR5 memory and manufactured in 28 nm. On March 22, 2013 another card, Radeon HD 7790, was introduced in this series. This card is based on the Bonaire architecture, featuring 896 stream cores based on GCN 1.1 technology, an incremental update of GCN. After the introduction the Radeon HD 7790, AMD discontinued the Radeon HD 7850.

    Now though I believe XB1 is based off Kaveri, it’s just funny to see all over the web it seems none of these journalist or tech sites know that the 7790 Bonaire is a year newer and the replacement for the 7850 Pitcarn


    Digital Foudry as well as many other sites claim PS4 IS AN HD 7850 PITCARN AND THE XBOX ONE IS A 7790 BONAIRE. They are basing XB1 ones off of MS tech guy stating it has 768 op/sec , That gpu cannot produce The XB1 E3 showing of graphic power. These tech sites must know that. THE BEST contender for XB1 GPU is AMD’s NEXT GEN Kaveri GCN 2.0 HSA HUMA APU.

    AMD’s Kaveri APU is the base roadmap for M$ Chipset.
    It’s AMD’ next gen APU
    It uses DDR3 still
    It’s 768sp at the specialty high end range
    It’s in the 100 watt range like XB1
    It’s capable of fulfilling Kinects 2.0 feature set.
    It uses steamroller dual thread cores
    Its over 1 tflop





    ON the other hand PS4 is not HSA this is why DEV’s told Digital foundry

    “Behind the scenes, developers have suggested to us that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the extent of the PlayStation 4’s superiority, and that the 50 per cent boost in GPU power emphatically won’t result in a likewise boost to in-game performance.”

    DF stated this in paragraph 2 of
    the title even say’s IN THEORY.

    XBOX 1 AT HOTCHIPS 2013 should blow PS4 dinosaur tech out of the water. At Hot Chips: A Symposium on High Performance Chips ( ) Microsoft will display it’s new breakthrough technology in the XBOX 1 in a presentation

    Tue 8/27 after 5 P.M.
    XBOX One Silicon John Sell and Pat O’Connor
    see at

    M$’s Gpu is future AMD TECH BASED
    SONY stated in their
    ” Sony Management Discusses Q1 2013 Results -Earnings Call Transcript ”

    PS4 is all existing Off the shelf TECHNOLOGY
    ( )

    This is why Microsoft’s Albert Penello stated,
    “Given the rumored specs for both systems, can anyone conceive of a circumstance or decision one platform holder could make, where despite the theoretical performance benchmarks of the components, the box that appears “weaker” could actually be more powerful?”

  • Antoine Ribordy

    I was going to write a constructive answer to this article, but seeing the last part, added on the 6th, I won’t bother, it doesn’t deserve constructiveness since it’s just a random and pretty meaningless rant…

  • Will

    Hardcore Gamers knows PS4 is the best.

  • Arvid

    Sqrew Xbox One and PS4. Bow down to PC muthafuckas!

    Now let the downvoting begin.

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  • You are flat out wrong

    “Xbox One is a no-brainer.”

    Because you need to have no brain to be able to want it!

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  • You are flat out wrong

    One year on and this article is still mega embarrassing.