Titanfall Impressions and Menu Pics (Xbox One)

For a more recent Titanfall post about tips from the beta, go here:

For those of you who still haven’t got a beta code from EA, God bless your soul.  I’ve only played about 6-7 matches of Attrition (Team Deathmatch) and have to say this game is a blast.  But here’s some quick impressions and pics of various menus in the game to give you an idea of what’s in store.  My character is only level 4 and I read that the max in the beta is level 14, so I’ll post the unlocks which my character has done.

I actually submitted two emails and got no reply for a beta key, but thankfully M1GO gave me his which he got accepted.  Thanks bud!  Then I got one beta key a day later?!  Wow.  Thanks EA.

Last minute update:  It has just been announced that the beta is now open to all X1 gamers and it will show up in the online store soon.  The PC beta will be freely available too coming a little later.  So no more need for beta keys.  The beta will be extended an extra day to Feb 19 too.

The beta download is only about 5 gb and played a few matches before the February Xbox One update and then the rest after.  The update included various OS improvements including getting rid of the system’s sharpening filter which made games look grainy as it exploded games less than native 1080p to 1080p (with exception of Ryse and Battlefield 4 which didn’t use it).  The system update only takes a few minutes (it is rolling out this weekend, so many of you already got it by now).

Training Mode

Before you can jump online, you have to do set of about 15 training modules.  It’s about 10 minutes worth of tutorials such as sprinting, wall running and jumping, using special abilities (like cloak) and letting you get a handle of Titans.  There’s both combat and non-combat sessions.  After you finish it, the MP lobby opens up.


Controls are basically an exact replica of Call of Duty with exception of the d-pad which is all about Titan controls.  In the game, you can wall run and wall jump.  Simply jump at a wall on an angle, land on it and keep on running on it.  You can double jump as well (one double jump allowed).  So combine wall running with double jumping and you can get to most high elevations and rooftops easily.  There is no fall damage either, so feel free to jump off buildings at will.  This game can’t get any more anti-camping.  If you try to hole up somewhere, you’ll be killed fast.

Titanfall 3

Data Centers

Basically server hubs which shows you various geographical locations.  It looks like it automatically picks the closest one to you (which should be the lowest ping rate).

Titanfall 5


The game includes Attrition, Hardpoint and a Titans only mode called Last Titan Standing.  Attrition is TDM, Hardpoint is like Domination, and that Titan Mode is just that.  In Attrition, killing human Pilots and Titans is worth more than killing AI grunts.

Pilot Classes

  • You start with two – Rifleman and Assassin.  At my crappy level 4 character, a CQB (close quarter combat) class opened up at i think level 3
  • Rifleman is a typical assault class, whose carbine is your usual automatic medium/long range gun.  It has decent recoil, so don’t expect ACR stability like in CoD
  • Assassin is s silent killer.  No sniper rifle, but a suppressed smart pistol.  The smart pistol locks onto enemies (when in range and they aren’t moving).  Pull the trigger and 3 bullets on someone kills a Pilot
  • CQB uses a shotgun.  I never tested him out, but watching videos the shotty has decent range.  Longer range than modern military games
  • Each class has a cloaking ability where you press LB and you turn kind of invisible.  After it drains, you have to wait until it recharges

Titanfall 6 Titanfall 7 Titanfall 8


  • Again, the beta starts you with two Titans – Assault and Tank, but I unlocked a third (Artillery)
  • Each Titan has it different weapons and perks.  The auto-eject perk is useful as critical damage makes you auto-eject.  If you pick a Titan which doesn’t have it, you have to manually and rapidly press X to bail ship
  • Your Titan can also dash twice in any direction (before needing recharging) and can also punch (melee).  Punching is great when your toe to toe with an enemy Titan in close range
  • As a Pilot, you can jump onto an enemy Titan and shoot the back of its head for massive damage.  You can also get out of a Titan, so if someone is shooting your head, get out, shoot him and get back in!  I did that twice!
  • I think the timer starts at 3 minutes before you can call a Titan.  The more kills you get the faster the timer ticks down.  Press down on d-pad to call it.  If you have it available and died, you can respawn in one
  • If you call a Titan and it lands on an enemy solider or Titan, it gets destroyed
  • Walking over a solider is an instant kill
  • You can use the d-pad to instruct it what to do (commands).  You don’t have to get into it
  • The first Titan on the map will probably come in around the minute mark or so.  Then Titans get called in every minute so that there seems to always be 1-4 Titans on a map at all times till the end

Titanfall 9 Titanfall 10 Titanfall 11

Personal Stats (Barracks)

The game seems to have lots of stat screens covering Pilot and Titan kills.  Weapon stats too.

Titanfall 12 Titanfall 13 Titanfall 14

Some Attrition Game Stats

Just some pics after my first match.

Titanfall 15 Titanfall 16Titanfall 17

Gameplay and Impressions

  • A nice change of pace.  First it was endless WWII games, then another infinite number of modern military shooters.  This game has the quickness of old school shooters, but also retains some modern military familiarity as gamers mostly use weapons that aren’t too sci-fi.  It’s not like you’re using lasers or plasma blob guns.  It’s mostly ammo, grenades, missiles and such.  So Titanfall seems like a blend of settings and gameplay of various games
  • The game looks great, but won’t compete for best graphics.  There is no way it should even get nominated or mentioned for best visuals
  • The game still has some jaggies/aliasing issues, but thankfully it has been improved with the recent systems update
  • Game runs at 60 fps most of the time, but bogs down.  Not sure if that’s game related or server lag related, but regardless it will bog down to possibly the 20s or 30s for short spurts
  • Games can take a while to get into.  Combining the connecting to lobby loading, loading a map and the 90 second intermission timer, CoD probably does all this in half the time
  • You’ll notice this in the training sessions, but wall running and jumping is easy to do.  You’ll probably get used to it after the first try or two
  • Gameplay is fast, smooth and easy to get into.  The worst part is the sometimes skecthy frame rate
  • AI grunts are mostly lousy.  They are basically fodder for racking up easy kills and points
  • Be on the look out for rooftop guys.  The game is hard to camp out, but rooftop players have the best vantage point, so any campers will be there as opposed to typical shooters where campers can be holed up in buildings or second floor windows
  • When the Attrition match ends (first team to 250 points), the game goes into Epilogue Mode and the losing team has to have its gamers make their way back to an evacuation ship.  I’ve never been able to make it.  If you get killed during this part that’s it.  No respawning.  The ship can get destroyed!  Believe it or not, this ending sequence is heart pumping
  • Make sure to use cloak.  It’s like a 30 second semi-invisible mode before it needs recharging
  • Game can be exhilarating!  Especially when it comes to hopping into Titans and battling it out.  It’s killer when your team has 3-4 Titans on a map, but then the enemy launches a slew of them too.  Since everyone gets a chance to launch Titans, everyone gets a chance to kick some butt!

The Old Guy in Me

I love camping out in Call of Duty racking up k/d and wins, but have to say I’ve had a blast with Titanfall even though my stats are trash.  Unfortunately, the beta ends on February 18.  No doubt a must buy for anyone who has an interest in shooters.  It’s fun, refreshing and really combines various shooters into one.  Gamers who enjoy fast paced run and gun will enjoy this game a lot.  And gamers who stink at shooters should have fun too.  You may lack skills to do well in typical shooters, but the game has AI grunts and Titans for everyone, so you’ll have opportunity to do your share of killing.