Titanfall Quick Tips from the Beta

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I only played Attrition during the Xbox One beta and put in about 3 hrs worth.  Here’s some Titanfall tips from the beta.  I’m typically a hardcore camper in shooters, so I stuck to the Rifleman class which has a carbine, which is familiar ground for me.  But this game forces you to move around.  I maxed out the beta’s level 14 cap so I had all the unlocks and custom classes, which I messed around with.

Of course, the full game will have more weapons, gadgets, perks and such.  But as a start, here’s some things:

Pilot Custom Class Set Up

  • Carbine with suppressor and HCOG.  Not a lot of recoil, but don’t expect ACR precision.  Suppressor is a must in any shooter
  • Archer heavy rocket.  Decent damage
  • Any sidearm.  I never use them
  • Cloak.  Spam it as much as possible
  • Arc grenade. I found using frags kind of useless, but tossing an Arc or two at enemy Titans helps
  • Power cell.  Recharges Cloak faster
  • Minion detector.  Easy way to rack of kills
  • Set movement as “always sprint” in the game settings.  There is no fatigue in the game

Titanfall 23

 First thing to do is go to the game options and get rid of the default setting which is walk/hold down LS to run.  Switch it to always sprinting.  This is a fast paced game.  Walking or creeping around a corner is pointless.

Don’t forget to double jump!  I know, dopey tip.  But not only does double jumping get you to higher ground, or help you escape from someone shooting at you, but when you eject from a Titan and your guys drifts slowly 100 ft in the air, you can still double jump in mid air to help guide your guy to a safe rooftop.

As a Pilot, I go against the grain lone wolf style. I take a sharp left or right and head for high escalations. I’ll equip Cloak when I get to a vantage point and skim for enemies. I look for enemies running and jumping all over because these are human gamers. The dumb AI typically move in slow packs on the ground. They also have bad aim, so the chances of getting killed by one is slim even if you accidentally run into a pack of them face to face.  I focus on killing the human pilot if in range as opposed to AI grunts.

Unlike CoD where I holed up in buildings, I didn’t bother. If anything, try to aim for high vantage points whose rooftops also have big metallic structures for cover.  Crouch if you need to.  But don’t stay there for long.  Move around.

Don’t forget to spam cloak as much as possible.

I use the perimeter of the map and try to rack up kills as much as possible before moving to another location. Unlike CoD, you can’t camp a spot forever. Be on the look out for easy AI kills when their dropship lands and 3-4 AI come storming out. Easy pickings.

Don’t bother with Rodeoing an enemy Titan.  It may do some damage, but I never got killed once by it.  All it takes is someone with a tidbit of skill to disembark from it, shoot your ass and go back in. … which I did a few times to others.

I got so many burns cards, but half of them I didn’t care about.  The ones I found most useful were the cards saying 40 or 80 seconds off Titan build time.  One card I used said it gave me a more powerful carbine.  Felt the same to me.

If you didn’t play the beta, don’t get discouraged if you stink at Titanfall in the first batch of matches.  It takes some getting used to.  My first 7-8 matches were lousy, but then got the knack of the game and improved.

Titan Custom Class Set Up

  • Chaingun.  Not very damaging, but I found those quad missile/40mm cannon options hit and miss.  Also, it’s easy to spray the ground and kill Pilots
  • Electric smoke.  I barely used it as I dabbled with that hand defecting thing at the beginning.  But I found I’d forget to use that half the time.  So instead, dispatching a plume around your mech was easier
  • Rocket salvo.  I’d try to get mid range or closer and fling them at an enemy Titan
  • Nuclear ejection.  Basically martyrdom.  Best kit so far.  I’ve killed a bunch of enemies this way
  • Auto-eject.  Another great kit.  Your guy is also cloaked when you do it.  Very useful, especially if you don’t want to bother mashing X to manually eject

 Titanfall 24

For Titans, I don’t have a strategy for activation. I just activate it asap in a safe place. Again, I use the perimeter route and try to flank other Titans. Auto-eject makes it easier when critically damaged. Make sure to disembark when a rodeoer is shooting your mech’s head. Kill him and go back in if possible.

One thing I never did, but try it yourself when you get the game in March (if you haven’t done so already)… command the Titan to follow you while you’re still active as a Pilot.  Since it’s the beta, I was having fun blasting away in a Titan, but when the game is released I may use it more strategically.  One cool thing is that if you call for a Titan, but get killed, the Titan will be set on auto while you respawn somewhere on the map.

My style of Titan warfare is blitz. Flanking or head on I shoot my volley of 6-8 pack missiles, sometimes use the hand shield thing (I forgot half the time), or smoke, chaingun as much as possible. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, side dash to avoid shield reflected bullets when I see him doing that glowing hand thing. I also like to dash twice fast at at Titan and punch it as much as possible. It does good damage. Make sure to dash away when the enemy Titan is glowing white as that means it’s going to self destruct using nuclear explosion.

When I am not in a Titan, but trying to help take one down, I cloak and try to release as many archer lock on missiles. They do a decent amount of damage. Not enough to kill them outright, but if an enemy Titan is near it’s last legs, a missile can finish the job.

The game is all about Titan control. I typically get 2-4 Titan kills a game in my best games.

Some Final Beta Stats

Titanfall 18Titanfall 19Titanfall 20Titanfall 21Titanfall 22

  • Daniel Sousa

    loool you have 1.4 K:D?
    My K:D on beta in xbox one is 2.2 vs pilots, 700 pilots kills, i dont use suppressor, or cloak, always sprint: off, Controller:bumper jump, Hability: stim

    • Hockey Glory

      I only played 29 games! Had a bad start, but did much better in the last 10-20 matches. My last 10 matches had a better k/d than you and I barely played the game!

      • Procles

        Not to be a dick bra, but you can’t both say “Here are tips from an experienced player” and “I only played 29 games [no fair assessing my play]!” Not that your individual stats are important. Understanding the academics of something and being capable of carrying them out are different things.
        Disagree with a bunch of this though.
        Example: Auto-Eject & Auto Ejection. These are “for when I lose” abilities. On the other hand, Regen Booster and Survivor are “when I’m fighting” abilities. The latter two options can keep the former from coming into play. Consider that the former requires no though, while the latter two force you to pay more attention to how you play, while making your mech objectively stronger in a fight. It’s a risk/reward choice, yes, but it’s better to give yourself the room to play well imho.

      • Daniel Sousa

        My K:D is the latest 10 games is 3.6, with 700 kills and was able to keep the 2.2, the more kills more difficult is to have high K:D.

        a player to give decent tips have to play very well and understand the subject, I think your tips are super basic.

        see My vídeo with a parkour tips lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfyhGGXGUSs

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