Will The Order: 1886 Live Up to the Hype?

There’s massive hype and anticpation surrounding Ready at Dawn’s The Order 1886 despite having not show one second of gameplay yet or even announced a release date. Hell it’s one of our most anticipated games of 2014. Sure they have released some beautiful screenshots and we’ve all seen that great trailer from E3, but many questions remain like when do we see actual gameplay? Is there multiplayer or co-op?

To top things off, yesterday, a 40 minute demonstration has being shown to select press in London with this cool image posted on twitter:

There’s an NDA until Feb 18th, 2014 before we get to hear what those lucky folks have to to say and supposedly that will include some actual video gameplay. The Internet has gone wild in anticipation!

This is a Sony PS4 exclusive and you can tell that Sony really wants a winner here as it has the potential to be their “Gears of War”.  They sure have sure generated enough interest around it. Will it live up to it? Or are they just setting themselves up for failure with all this manufactured hype and secrecy? Only time will tell but come Feb 18th, I think we’ll get a true indication on what to expect and if The Order: 1886 does truly deserve all the hype and accolades it has already been getting. They better have something special because anything less than breathtaking, will probably result in massive disappointment among the typical gamer crowds.

  • Obambush


  • Hip2Bsquare

    I’m hoping it lives up to the hype, I want this game and I bought a ps4 for this game. But for some reason I doubt it will, I can’t get over the feeling that they’re not showing footage for a reason besides drawing up hype, it’s very discouraging that not one second of in game footage was shown and that they are making such an event out of showing gameplay. It leads me to believe that they are hyping it up to hide problems but man I hope not. The Order is my most wanted game this gen,and here’s hoping it rocks.

    • One thing that bothers me is the lack of multiplayer! What excited me
      the most about this game was the opportunity for Sony to release an
      answer to Gears of War. Alas, looks like it isn’t happening yet.

      In the previous gen, I was of the opinion that Sony provided spectacular single-player exclusives, while MS had the better multiplayer exclusive experience. Looks like the start of this gen is shaping up that way, with MS launching Titanfall, an impending launch of Halo 5, and news that they bought the rights to Gears of War.

  • Hockey Glory

    Weird black borders at 800p gaming, fog, 30 fps, no MP or co-op. Looks like an 8 hr SP romp. Likely a decent game, but I see this as $20 bargain bin material.