Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC Review (PS4)

The 4 naval based maps are great, there’s cool new vehicles and game types but the game is broken. Rubber banding has reared it’s ugly head where a 64 player conquest game is unplayable. Call me when it’s ready.

Rubber Banding in Full Effect

Now for some glitches

There’s so much potential here, yet so much disappointment. The new game type, Carrier Assault is pretty fun too but right now, it’s frustrating to play. Stick to either 32 player count games or search for the “Test Server” where it seems they’ve resolved many rubber banding issues. It’s full a lot for obvious reasons but it at least provides a glimmer of hope about the next update. I can’t recommend this until Dice fixes these game breaking issues in 64 player Conquest games.


  • Hockey Glory

    “Rocksteady sliding up the mountain”. LOL. Thank god I got Titanfall. It’s not perfect, but at least it plays well and the net code is solid.