Boxing Day Game Deals

For many, Christmas is a time of joy and peace. A time when we can spend time with loved ones and share gifts and memories with one another. All bets are off the day after, however, as Canadians line up in the cold for doorcrasher deals and pack themselves into malls and stores in a frenzied attempt at scoring post-Christmas bargains.

Those of you who value your sanity will likely avoid Boxing Day at all costs, or shop online. But for those who are willing to brave the sea of dealfinders with gift cards, smartphones and flyers in their grubby hands, here are a few gaming deals to take note of. Hopefully you’ll still have your thumbs intact in order to play these boxing day deals:

Far Cry 4 (PS4, Xbox One)
$40 at Walmart
If you’ve played Far Cry 3, then you’ll feel perfectly at home with this one. This open-world shooter tasks you with freeing the fictional country of Kyrat from its oppressive dictator, but we’ll excuse you if you end up spending more time hunting animals, driving and flying around the country searching for relics and silently assassinating enemies.

Halo: MCC (Xbox One)
$40 at Best Buy
Multiplayer issues aside, this is a no-brainer for any Xbox One owner who hasn’t played the original Halo series. This remastered collection retelling the story of Master Chief deserves to be seen and played by both Halo noobs and vets alike.

InFamous: Second Son (PS4)
$15 at Target
Moving away from the storyline of the first two InFamous games, Second Son introduces a new anti-hero, with new sets of powers, in what might still be considered the most beautiful and vivid exclusive game on the PS4.

Metro Redux (PS4, Xbox One)
$20 at Future Shop
A remastered collection of two post-apocalyptic games based off of a cult classic Russian novel, Metro Redux addresses some of the issues that plagued the original Metro 2033 game, bringing it closer in line with its sequel Metro: Last Light. The updated graphics are a bonus, but we’re just glad these underrated shooters are seeing more time in the sun

Shadows of Mordor (PS4, Xbox One)
$30 at Target
Think Batman’s Arkham series if it were set in the Lords of the Rings universe, but with a unique system that adjusts your enemies based on their previous interactions with your character. Shadows of Mordor is possibly the best video game set in Middle Earth, but even non-fans will enjoy the action.

Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One)
$25 at Walmart
Take equal parts InFamous, mix with a fast paced shooter like Vanquish, a dash of SSX and throw in a ton of goofball antics that would make Suda 51 cringe, and you get this year’s most ridiculous and frenetic shooter. It’s not for everyone, but those who like their games fast paced should probably pick this up quickly.

Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)
$45 at Best Buy
I’m not really hugely into Smash Brothers, but this Nintendo franchise is always a fun multiplayer game. And considering the prices of First Party Nintendo games never rarely dip this low this quickly, it’s a must-buy for Wii U owners.

The Last of Us Remastered (PS4)
$25 at Walmart
The best game on the PS3 console was remastered and released on PS4, and, well… it’s still pretty damn amazing! Anyone who hasn’t played this post-apocalyptic adventure is doing themselves a disservice. Great characters, tense moments and a touching story make this stealth/survival-horror one for the ages.

Tomb Raider (PS4, Xbox One)
$20 at Best Buy & Future Shop
The popular, acclaimed reboot of the long-running series was recently remastered and released on next gen systems, with improved character models and updated textures – in case you wanted to ogle Lara Croft in glorious high definition.

Do you know of any other good gaming deals this Boxing Day? Share ’em with us in the comments section!