Battlefield Hardline Beta Impressions Part 2

BF HardlineBattlefield is back again but this time around, it’s not from DICE. Visceral has taken the helm and have gone to the urban police versus criminal theme in their game entitled Battlefield Hardline. The shit just got real.

Shit just got real

Read more from the wikipedia if interested:

Battlefield Hardline features new variety of gameplay that breaks away from the traditional Battlefield game modes. The focus of the game has been shifted to police and the “war on crime”, breaking away from the military setting that has hitherto characterized the series. As such, the main factions in Hardline are the police Special Response Units and criminals. Players will have access to various military-grade weapons and vehicles, such as the UH-60 Black Hawk as well as having police equipment such as tasers and handcuffs.

We’ve played the initial beta last year. Here’s our take back then. The “New” beta has just come out last week and the GamerVets got around to playing some of the Multiplayer beta over the last week. Here’s our impressions of the multiplayer aspect. There were 3 game modes to play: Heist, Hotwire (new game mode where it’s Conquest with cars) and Conquest.


  • Fun as hell with friends
  • Seems to run smoother and faster than previous Battlefield games
  • Menu system is clean, brighter and easier to read and navigate
  • The cash system to pay to unlock weapons provides more customization choices
  • Cops vs Robbers type game modes add some interesting gameplay elements and objectives


  • Ran into typical BF cheesiness (lag, rubber banding, etc)
  • “Auto melee” function is annoying as it will try to melee if in range even if you are trying to shoot
  • Still kind of feels like it could be a BF4 DLC
  • Some balancing will need to be done with the guns but that’s like all FPS multiplayer games
  • Would have like destructible environments

Gameplay Videos

Check out M1GO and Evilenger’s very first game. More videos of Battlefield Hardline

The Old Guy in Me Says

If you’ve never liked Battlefield type games then Battlefield Hardline won’t change your mind any time soon. If you are a fan of the series, give this game a try. Hardcore players will undoubtedly find lots of faults and complain about it but it’s simply a fun game and really must be played with friends. Even the single player, based on the trailers looks like it could be pretty good too.

I’m not fully convinced it’s worth the full $70 retail price so if you didn’t get a deal on it as a preorder like some of us did (around $45), I’d hold off until it goes on sale. Maybe watch some videos or try it out at a friend’s place to see if it’s worth your time and money.

Battlefield Hardline will be available March 17, 2015 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.