The Order: 1886 Review


Unless you’ve lived under a rock, The Order: 1886 has created quite the buzz and hype. Some good and some not so good. There’s plenty of complaints, opinions and a million other troll type rants to get through. Take it from someone who has actually played the game. It’s really not that bad. Sure it’s got CGI cinematics up the ass and could use better pacing, more variety but to tell you the truth, I enjoyed it.

More Info

Taken from Wikipedia:

The Order: 1886 is set in an alternate history London, where an old order of knights keep all of the world safe from half breed monsters, who are a combination of animal and man. In the game’s history, around the seventh or eighth centuries a small number of humans took on bestial traits. The majority of humans feared these half-breeds and war broke out. Despite the humans outnumbering the half-breeds, their animal strength gave them the upper hand in centuries of conflict.

The Essentials

– Genre : Third Person Shooter
– Single Player : YES
– Multiplayer : NO
– Co-op : NO
– System Availability : PS4 Exclusive
– Developer : Ready at Dawn


  • Graphics are phenomenal. Probably the best I’ve seen on console gaming so far
  • Cool setting and time period
  • Gun play and controls are solid and pretty responsive
  • For the busy GamerVet, the game is fairly short and is beatable in about 8 hrs even on the hardest difficulty
  • Story is decent but has left too many unanswered questions


  • For those gamers who have time on their hands, it’s probably too short for you with little replay value
  • Melee fights versus the Lycans are frustrating
  • Some unnecessary uses of quick time events (QTE)
  • Too much watching, not enough playing. Even my wife faked a yawn as she was sitting watching me…actually watching me watch the game for what felt like 10 minutes.

Old Guy in Me Says

Despite all the crap you’ve heard, it’s a decent game. I think it should have focused more on the monster/half-breed/werewolf aspect as I found you were generally killing more humans than monsters. When the actual gameplay gets going, it’s a lot of fun and of course the graphics and art design are second to none. I played the game on the hardest difficulty and I managed to beat it in probably 8 hours. It’s a shame that The Order: 1886 could have been so much more but hopefully Ready at Dawn decides to make a sequel (which they’ve conveniently tease on in the ending) because there’s a solid base to work with.