The Order: 1886’s Short Length And Zero Replay Value Means It’s a Buyers Market

The Order: 1886 has released to mediocre reviews.  Currently at 65/100 on Metacritic among 60+ reviews, the game was shown in leaked walkthroughs leading up to release to be a short game with low replay value.

Beatable in 6 hours with no online modes, no co-op modes or any kind of additional single player modes to play, the game is limited to hidden collectibles, which depending on your completionist mindset means either a bit more gaming to find everything or a non-factor.  About two hours is canned cut-scenes meaning no matter how good or lousy you are at gaming, it’s still the same two hours.  That leaves about four hours of actual gameplay left.  Not a lot left for even hardcore gamers to replay over and over again.  Oh, and much of this is QTEs which are canned gameplay.  Something that is hard to mess up on any second playthrough.

But there is silver lining.  For gamers on the fence about The Order: 1886, expect TONS of used copies very shortly.  Whether it’s overpriced Gamestop or eBay or Craiglist listings, there will surely be lots of sellers trying to get rid of the game as there is little incentive to keep playing.

A few more high profile games are coming out for PS4 soon as well.  Battlefield: Hardline comes out March 17, Bloodborne March 24, as for baseball fans The Show 15 is March 31.  Many gamers will trade up.

Although you may have some gamers keeping the game as a graphical showpiece to show off to friends and family, chances are most gamers will get rid of it.  With so many copies coming soon, you should be able to score one from a gamer directly for $40, while retailers will likely stick to their usual formula of “$60 less $5 or $10”.  Don’t fall for it.  If you are comfortable doing eBay or any other kind of P2P selling, snag it for $40 at most this week.  There will be lots of desperate gamers.  Lowball them at $30 or $35.