Bloodborne: Review


Bloodborne is my GOTY. Hell it might even be my top 5 game of all time. Seriously.

More Info

Taken from Wikipedia:

Bloodborne is played from a third person perspective and features action role-playing elements similar to those found in director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s other games: Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. Players make their way through different locations while battling varied enemies including bosses, collecting different types of useful items that have many uses, interacting with NPCs,[opening up shortcuts, and continuing through the story. Combat is fast-paced and requires an offensive approach in order for players to combat dense hordes of enemies. The player character is agile and is able to dodge attacks by perform sweeping dashes around enemies while locked on. The new risk-versus-reward style of gameplay is emphasized through Bloodborne‍ ’​s Regain system, which allows the player to, within a small window of time, recover portions of lost health by striking an enemy.

The Essentials

– Genre : Third person role playing game
– Single Player : YES
– Multiplayer : YES
– Co-op : YES
– Console Availability : PS4
– Developer : From Software


  • Great graphics
  • Deep story and character progression
  • Incredibly rewarding and challenging
  • Sweat inducing, heart pounding boss battles
  • Don’t be surprised if you yell at the TV in JOY


  • Can be brutally hard
  • Long loading screens after you die even with the patch
  • You may break your controller out of frustration
  • Don’t be surprised if you yell at the TV in RAGE


This is what you have to look forward to:

If you want to be spoiled a bit, check out my Bloodborne playlist to see me fight and beat each boss.

Old Guy in Me Says

This is one of best games I’ve ever played. Bar none. I’ve put in 50+ hours into the game and want to do more. I’ve never, ever played that much of one game. Once I “got it”, I couldn’t put it down. Yes it’s hard as hell. Yes I got pissed and swore at the TV many times. But when you succeed, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that kind of satisfaction and joy in any other game. Bloodborne is game that you are either going to hate or love. I loved every minute of it.


  • Max Smith

    great review. simple and straightforward.