E3 2015 Recap: Xbox One “Greatness in 2015”, PS4 “Greatness Later”

Another year, another E3!  And this year’s E3 2015 was much better than the last few.  Although Microsoft and Sony plugged some familiar games on stage and got burned by having leaks just days before the conference, there were still some surprises.

Both companies pitched their platforms very differently though.  Looking at what console exclusives they showed, Microsoft showcased a mix of games and features coming in 2015.  A few things (which I’ll touch on later) released the very day they did their show.  Sony took a different approach.  Instead, they focused on games coming down the line, 2016 and beyond.  Nothing notably exclusive for 2015.  Mostly third party partnership deals.

Xbox One… “Greatness in 2015”

  • Gears of War Ultimate beta: Available now
  • Elite: Dangerous early access preview:  Available now
  • The Long Dark early access preview:  Available now
  • EA Access Titanfall freebie:  Available now
  • Xbox 360 backwards compatibility:  Available now to OS preview members, available to all later in 2015
  • Rare Replay:  August 15
  • Gears of War Ultimate (final game):  August 25
  • Forza 6:  September 15
  • Elite Controller:  October
  • Halo 5:  October 27
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider:  November 10
  • Fable Legends:  Holidays
  • EA Access Dragon Age: Inquisition freebie:  Later in 2015
  • New UI interface:  Later in 2015
  • Windows 10 integration:  Later in 2015

PS4… “Greatness Later”

  • Various DLC exclusivity deals:  When it’s available for the corresponding game, starting in 2015
  • PS Vue and Spotify enhancements:  Later in 2015
  • No Man’s Sky:  Unknown date.  The only notable console exclusive that may happen in 2015???
  • Dreams:  Unknown date.  Likely 2016 or later
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake:  Unknown date.  Will be 2016 or later
  • Shenmue 3:  Unknown date.  Will be 2016 or later as it just got approved on Kickstarter
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn:  2016
  • Project Morpheus:  2016
  • Street Fighter V:  2016
  • The Last Guardian:  2016
  • Uncharted 4:  2016