No Man’s Sky Lies

Gamers keeping up with No Man’s Sky over the past few weeks knows about the early impressions/videos in the wild, including Reddit posts, Twitch streams and Youtube uploads.  Early info was released to mixed impressions.

Sony then did a crackdown on those videos and Hello Games issued info on a day one patch, which improved the game.

No Man’s Sky – PlayStation 4 (Video Game)

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Platform: PlayStation 4
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No Man’s Sky is one big lie.

I saw those videos and the game is nothing like the early previews.

Check out any trailer or gameplay video from over the past few years, or various Sean Murray interviews.  What do you see?  I’ll recap it for you:

Huge universe of planets to explore

  • True.  A gazillion planets to explore.  Caves, underwater, mountains, alien lifeforms, various structures

Dogfights in space

  • True, but exaggerated.  Old clips showed fast zooming space gameplay.  Reality is most of space exploration is boring, nothing is around and most alien spaceships encountered don’t attack you unless you attack first.  Also trailers show numerous fighter ships flying with you.  Are these supposed to be AI helpers?  Multiplayer gamers flying with you?  Where are they in the final game?

Seamless gameplay from planet, to space, to another planet

  • False.  There are loading times hidden behind a ship in “warp speed mode”.  Can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute going in/out of the atmosphere

Lots of alien lifeforms roaming the worlds

  • False.  Old clips showed tons of wildlife on screen scampering around.  Big dinosaur-like creatures.  A big snake under the sand.  What people see instead is mostly barren lands, hardly any alien life, and has anyone seen huge creatures yet?

Free flowing gameplay.  Exploring on foot and in spaceships

  • False.  Whereas the trailers showed free flowing gameplay, the actual game is a mining simulator where your exploration is geared to mining resources for upgrades, staying alive and fueling your ship.  And getting warp cells for your ship.  Where’s all the refueling and mining gameplay in the videos?

A “universe” to explore, where the the point is to reach the centre of the universe (which is composed of galaxies)

  • False.  There is no “master universe” with a middle to reach.  The “universe” is actually tons of independent galaxies where reaching the middle lets you go to the next galaxy to rinse and repeat

Multiplayer gameplay where gamers can meet.  Even though the odds were small, and it would take effort for gamers to coordinate meeting to explore together, fight together, or fight each other, the possibility is supposed to be there

  • False.  Not only were some boxes of No Man’s Sky re-labeled, but Sony and Hello Games never verified to gamers about multiplayer being cut.  They kept their mouths shut, and now it is recently promoted as a “shared universe”.  No traditional multiplayer is in the game…. no coop or competitive interactions with other gamers.  Instead, the “multiplayer” interaction you get (if you can even call it that) is seeing what planets have been named by other gamers

Eurogamer posted images of re-labeled boxes


And here’s video from Youtuber CrowbCat