No Man’s Sky = Nauseating Mining Simulator

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(Make note, there are spoilers below)

I think just about every gamer has heard about No Man’s Sky.  A game for PS4 and PC releasing in August 2016.  A sci-fi exploration game with bold art style, colours, and procedurally generated content (a fancy term for “random map generation”).  However, gameplay has never been fully explained.  One part space travel, one part planet exploration, one part survival.

But never communicated to gamers in full.

With the various leaks, streams (which keep popping up), and forum posts, it looks like there’s good reason why the game has never been previewed with detailed videos and articles…

… It’s a majorly bugged filled and boring game.

Here’s the initial post I believe started it all.  Here’s some Reddit threads.  One gamer named “daymeeuhn” got hold of a copy early.  He played it and beat it already.  Not great impressions.

Reddit 1

Reddit 2 with (videos)

I’ve watch many streams myself.  Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • Like everyone has seen, a very unique and colourful art style.  It does look nice.  I don’t remember any game that can combine red trees with yellow skylines or purple grass environments and make it look cool
  • Extremely horrible pop-in, especially when a gamer is flying into a new planet (birds eye fly-in view)
  • Bland textures
  • I don’t know what the daynight cycle length is, but it might be about 10-15 minutes.  Watching streams saw guys going from daylight to nighttime pretty quickly
  • Your charcter can jump jet boost.  So you can get to high ledges easily.  Not sure if there is falling damage.  I didn’t see any even when guys leapt off high grounds…. (or maybe they just didn’t jump from high enough ledges)
  • Where’s all the creatures?  Those Hello Games videos had videos with tons of creatures in groups and running around.  From what I’ve seen, it’s one-off aliens here and there, and not one attacked or a threat
  • Every once in a while, a gamer will run into structures with aliens (guys with yellow outfits and helmets).  They look the same.  There’s some interaction with them and some loot boxes nearby.  Pretty weird that you can converse with them since they are aliens
  • I’ve seen two feeds where the game crashed!   Like the Reddit guy said, it was when a gamer is hyper thrusting into space
  • Most of the time, there’s nothing to really do except use the mining gun and shoot plants and rocks for resources.  Or shoot asteroids in space for resources.  No aliens (intelligent life) attack, no martian creatures attack, I didn’t even see any of the sentinent robots come and attack (as acknowledge in previews).  And that’s after I saw some gamers kill wildlife
  • Edit:  I finally saw some sentinents attacking.  They come in waves of 3-4 red robotic eyeballs.  But if you outrun them and hide somewhere, they “deactivate” and disappear
  • In order to get your ship ready to launch, you need Plutonium I think.  One guy was searching all over for it
  • The game’s mining gameplay is completely broken.  First, the mining gun has an overheating gauge.  What’s the point?  A gamer is going to be shooting it constantly and there is no real threat of being attacked, so why even have it?  Some large structures need a lot of zapping, so a gamer has to go through the motions of zapping, getting resources, overheating gun, zapping a second time, getting more resources etc….
  • Going by early gamers and videos, the mining tool is broken.  Upgrading it makes it overheat quicker, so just leave it on default (see the video in Reddit 2 link)
  • Mining also leads to inventory issues.  Watch any stream and the gamer (whether on foot or in the spacecraft), is constantly getting the robotic voice saying inventory is full.  Then you see the gamer going into inventory and either trying to use or drop something, in order to free up up space.  By the looks of it, the inventory slots given are way too low for the amount of exploration a gamer wants to do
  • The inventory screen looks just like Destiny.  And by the looks of it, you’ll be constantly going back and forth into it
  • Going from planet to planet involves a huge loading time.  You’ll see your ship in a “warp speed” kind of screen where you see your cockpit and stars zooming past you.  After a good minute or two, you do a fly-in to the surface.  Those initial videos shown by Hello Games way back showing seemless transitions from land to outerspace to planets is total bull.  There is no seamless gameplay
  • I did see some unique gameplay.  One guy in outerspace ran into these big grey containers with blue lights.  They were labeled as “containers” and he was trying to shoot them or find out what they were.  Some container ships shot back with a defence turret
  • Another clip I saw is when a gamer engaged the alien in the space huts, there’s always some kind of dialogue, a Q&A, and such.  One interaction got the gamer a quest (if you can call it that) to get to a crash landed ship.  The gamer got a marker, he went to the site, saw the crashed ship and found some loot

Every stream I saw was a boring mess.  Where’s all the cool exploration?  Where’s the excitement?  Where’s the seamless transitions?

It looks like it’s a big mining simulator.  75% mining, 15% messing with the inventory screens, 5% interacting with aliens/wildlife, 5% loading screens.

  • Trim Dose

    lol what a freaking hater!, go and cry me a river now 😀

  • avi

    you know a game is going to disappoint when the creators themselves have trouble explaining what you’re exactly going to be doing in the game.