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The Best of the Rest Because last year was such an amazing year for video games, a simple “best and worst of 2011″ article couldn’t possible do justice to all the great, innovative or otherwise fun games that came out. Here are the rest of the games that are worthy of your time. *Commenters’ identities […]

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Are you having trouble in the side missing: “Finding Nora” ? Specifically where is the wife of Mr. Freeze is hidden in Batman Arkham City? It took me awhile to search around and find it too so I figured I’d put up a quick video showing fellow gamer vets where she’s hidden. The map only […]

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I wasn’t planning on getting Batman Arkham City until next year when theĀ inevitableĀ price drop occurs. With all the AAA games that have been released recently, my goal was to focus my time and energy on multiplayer (MP) games only because those are the games where you can really suffer if you are late to the […]