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The Witcher 2: How to Defeat the Dragon

We have finally made it near the end of Witcher 2! Here is the final boss battle. I won’t give away much else other than that you must take on a full size fire breathing dragon. The dragon fight is broken up into two separate


Evilenger’s Best and Worst of 2012

Here we are with yet another great year of gaming for 2012.  I swear I seem to say this every year that it can’t get any better but once again, I am proven wrong.  Without further ado, my game of the year. Don’t forget to

The Witcher 2 Kayran

The Witcher 2: How to Defeat the Kayran

Here’s another Witcher 2 tip on beating one of the earlier bosses you face in the game, the Kayran monster in its lair. It’s a bit challenging and can get frustrating but once you get the timing down it’s not too bad. I also recommend