If when your wife goes out and you turn on your Xbox before the door even closes…you might be a GamerVet


I think I’m Falling for Fallout

I have a problem. I’m afraid of RPGs. The time commitment, the grinding, the micromanaging, the extensive lore. It all scares me.
Will Fallout 4 cure my RPG phobia?


E3 2015: The Expo of Lies

E3 2015 is less than a weeks away and all of us gamers are counting down the days, scouring the Internet and gaming sites for the latest news, leaks and information on what’s coming. It’s a great time for anyone who loves gaming. There’s one

Sony Fraud

Sony Needs To Stop Brushing Off PSN Fraud

Background info BBC One has a show called Watchdog that focuses on consumers and businesses.  It typically involves customers getting tangled in store policies, too good to be true deals, and consumer law. Recently, Watchdog televised an episode dealing with digital purchases from Sony.  In


Battlefield: Hardline Review

Overview The Battlefield series is back, but they’re taking the action away from the battlefield, and moving it to the mean Miami streets. More Info Taken from Wikipedia: Battlefield Hardline features new variety of gameplay that breaks away from the traditional Battlefield game modes. The

Gof of War Milk Jobs

Kratos has changed to God of Milk Jobs

Sony just announced God of War III Remastered for PS4.  Releasing on July 14, 2015 at $40, it will improve upon from PS3’s 720p to 1080p and include a photo mode. Leave it to Sony to maximize milk jobs. Is there another recent franchise that has