Pretty Average Looking Screenshots Released for Shenmue 3

You may already know how I feel about the kickstarter project for Shenmue 3 but they’ve finally

New Screenshots for Twilight Princess Remake, what about a new Zelda Game?

In the “We’re Still Trying” category, a series of screenshots have been released for the Legend

MS is releasing a terrible Xbox One bundle in Japan

According to this Xbox Japan blog, Microsoft is still trying to make inroads into the Japanese

Gears of War 4 is coming earlier than expected

Well this is something we don’t see very often in this day and age. During a recent

Some games have risen to $85 in Canada

As the Canadian dollar continues to tank, it looks like gaming prices are on the rise

PlayStation VR Listed on Amazon Canada For Over $1k???

And you thought the Oculus Rift was expensive. Probably just a simple mistake but it appears

Oculus announces a Rift in your bank account in March

The Oculus Rift is coming in March. Is your wallet safe from VR?

Nintendo to shed light on the NX console this year

According to financial investing news site Barrons, Nintendo’s upcoming mystery console, the NX, will be showcased

Source/Rumour: Next Assassin’s Creed won’t launch until 2017, Set In Egypt

This is GREAT news if true. I think we can all safely say that we are sick

Scalebound pushed to 2017

We’re only a few days into the new year, and it looks like we’ve already had