Driveclub money

Driveclub is Revenue Generating Genius

I think just about every gamer has heard about the issues Driveclub has had since launch.  And most gamers who don’t keep up with internet forums and tried playing the game (unknowingly) has run into issues too.  Online barely works, and recent news from Shuhei

Forza Horizon 2 v2

Forza Horizon 2 Review (Xbox One)

Yup, call me lazy.  Not only is this review two weeks after release, but I’ll even admit I shamelessly cut and pasted the banner art from Destructoid’s Forza Horizon 2 review. I’m not a big racing fan, and I didn’t even play Forza Horizon 1


X14 Media Event Recap

Last week I got the opportunity to attend the annual Xbox One event called the X14 Media Showcase.  It was held at the Uniun Bar and gave me a chance to try out some upcoming Xbox One games as well as talk to some developers on hand. It