If you hear people bitching about lag, and then remember having to connect to the internet via 14.4 kb/s modems…you might be a GamerVet

Fantasy Life - Art By: Yoshitaka Amano

Fantasy Life Review (Nintendo 3DS)

40 hours in and still counting. Fantasy Life is a Japanese action-rpg game produced by LEVEL-5, and I’ve been waiting for…almost two years to be exact! It was released in Japan back in December 27, 2012 and hit the North American market October 24, 2014.

Driveclub money

Driveclub is Revenue Generating Genius

I think just about every gamer has heard about the issues Driveclub has had since launch.  And most gamers who don’t keep up with internet forums and tried playing the game (unknowingly) has run into issues too.  Online barely works, and recent news from Shuhei

Forza Horizon 2 v2

Forza Horizon 2 Review (Xbox One)

Yup, call me lazy.  Not only is this review two weeks after release, but I’ll even admit I shamelessly cut and pasted the banner art from Destructoid’s Forza Horizon 2 review. I’m not a big racing fan, and I didn’t even play Forza Horizon 1